1 month ago

This site offers VERY low prices and PayPal is the only payment available. The site is registered in China.

After you purchase an item you will receive nothing (not even a receipt). When you file a paypal dispute the seller will provide a UPS Tracking# that shows the package was delivered. If tracked it does not show address or name, only city.

I called UPS because I knew it was not delivered. UPS checked and told me that the package was addressed to another person and address, AND was sent by Amazon.

I contacted Amazon and a supervisor verified that it was an Amazon delivery to another person. They sent me an email stating that the UPS Tracking# was from them and from another person鈥檚 Amazon order. Not to me or my address.

I provided the email to PayPal and got a refund. If I had not had that email, PayPal would have denied my dispute because it showed the item was delivered.

These Scammers are getting smart!!!!


1 month ago

Scam company takes more money than specified and ships nothing

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