1 year ago

The reporting and analytics you get with Feedvisor is above and beyond anything else in the industry.
They have many great reports, and their algorithms for their repricer are amazing. The only thing I find that it is missing is a total bottom line profit after all returns and fees. I would love to see a report that covers that.


1 year ago

I use Feedvisor for about 2 Years now.
While it is known as a re-pricer, it has kept my business organized and on top of all things both big and small.

It is a great tool for Amazon Sellers.

Customer Support is very responsive.

You can get Cheaper, but not more powerful.


1 year ago

excellent company to work with. great support staff, super product.


1 year ago

It's Amazing story to tell from the first second of cooperation until now.
Starting from conversations about our needs, going trough all problems we needed to face on Amazon and ending with the benefits possible to achieve with Feedvisor.
If you want to have great software to help you coordinate sales on Amazon across few markets and be on the top with all possible products – it's for you.
Additionaly excelent support and so kindly people!
Big, big thanks for You all from Feedvisor company! 🙂


1 year ago

I've been using Feedvisor for many months now as a re-seller – I can tell that this software become indispensable for my company. With thousands of products you can't simply keep track of prices by yourself. Feedvisor is doing it for you. It also has such an amazing support (kudos to Leemore), who helps with many Amazon problems, not only with Feedvisor, sending you many useful informations if you have some doubts with selling on Amazon.

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