1 year ago

Just had to call my phone company after being charged 拢4.50 from a company I have NEVER heard of! Thankfully they won鈥檛 be charging me but this is absolutely outrageous. I do not give my number to anyone, let alone a SCAM. Should be ashamed of themselves. I tried to call their 鈥榗all centre鈥?at 74p a minute!!! Absolutely waste of time. So upset by this and I cannot believe this is legal.


1 year ago

Despite never visiting their website, they were able to steal 拢4.50 from my mobile phone credit. All someone has to do is randomly enter your number on their website and you will be sent an SMS that literally takes 拢4.50 FROM YOUR CREDIT. I am not making this up. The only way you can stop these thefts is by not having enough credit or if you can get a spending limit set to block these "charges". Personally, the experience has disgusted me so much I will never top up again as I am not supporting these evil mobile phone companies who are complicit in this.

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