1 year ago

Ive bought a pair of shoes from there. After i bought em i Got a mail from Them, 鈥淚vy鈥?I thing the name was. It was an order confirmation with tracking and all normal stuff and thats okay. Later i check my bankaccount and the money was drawn from my account as normal but then i found out they had drawn one amount for the shoes first and had reserved the same amount of money too (It鈥檚 like 2 times 105$) ! And right now im tryna resolve the problem with them so i Can get the reserved money back again. thats just stupid, the guy barely e-mail me back or trying hard enough to solve the problmen. It鈥檚 my first time ordering for the site. And i know it鈥檚 Christmas time and just was blackfriday and stuff but i paid for fast shipping, it鈥檚 5-7 days i Think but my package standing still on very first update on tracking page (DHL). Seems so sketchy, it have been 9 days now no news about my order or any new opdates. missing my shoes and my 105$. It鈥檚 Christmas for f*** sake. Need money for more presents. . Dont buy on this site.

****** UPDATE *******

I Got my shoes and they where as they should so im happy. But then again so much work to get my reserved money cancelled. And No custom charges either.

You Can buy from the place but be ready to check your account afterwards. Thats my adwise and if they reserve money from your account after you have paid then write to them to get a confirmation to allow your bank to cancel the money amount thats reserved.


2 years ago

So feezys.ru website is looking a bit sketchy but the shop owner is nice and answers emails. I tried purchasing from their site but I wasn't able to because it only prefers westernunion. If you have that you are golden.
Deffinatly reccomend buying from them.


3 years ago

This will be a long review! I was looking for a pair of Yeezy's and I found this site which was looking a bit sketchy, logo wasn't that good and the chat button wasn't working at all so I didn't really want to order 106鈧?shoes from here. But then I so few youtubers with like 500k views had ordered from here so I gave it a go. After I had paid I didn't get the confirmation email and I was sure it was goodbye money time, but then I checked what time it was in Bejing, it was 02:34 and of course they have to sleep as well! When I woke up myself I got the confirmation email in my mailbox and I was so happy! Few days go past and I didn't hear anything from there so I sent them a message that has my package left? The guy called Ivy Wang is the one who answers the emails, it was a surprise that he is fluent in English and allways had very professional answers. So he gave me the DHL tracking number and I got one the next day from DHL as well! When I ordered the shoes there was an option for free shipping (20-30 days), I ordered the free shipping on saturday 13.1, the box left from Hong Kong 16.1 and the box came to my home door 22.1. Huge plus to DHL here, the tracking service is really precise and the package came only in 9 days from order, and if you minus the weekends when the postal services don't move at all where I live, so it took only 6 postal service days from Hong Kong to my door. Ok so the product, I can't add images to this site which is a bummer but anyway I can tell you about it! I have watched tons of videos "fake vs. real yeezys" and i can definitely tell that the cardboard box is so on point, you can't see the difference from real to fake from the box! These were the normal shoes and they look really like the originals, but the behind of the shoe is a little pit too pointy, but normal people who doesn't know the fact that it isn't suppose to be so pointy can't see the difference! You can buy (and I will definitely buy soon) UA (unauthorized authentic) for 200鈧?and what that means, they get the UA shoes from Yeezy factory (where the real ones are made) but the difference is that feezys sells them with lower price than adidas. So to wrap this review up, Im sorry if I have an broken english, I'ts not my mothers language and I will totally order shoes from here again. Good customer service, nice product, fast mailing. Thank you-

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