1 year ago

I ordered the raw cacao powder (Rohkakao Pulver bio) and the kale powder (Gr眉nkohl Pulver bio). My order was delivered in good time.

The Rohkakao Pulver is excellent, probably the best I have tasted and I will certainly order it again.

Gr眉nkohl Pulver bio I am not sure about. It tastes terrible and gives me a little headache if I have it in water or almond milk. In a homemade soda bread, it tastes nice but I still don't know if it gives me a slight headache. I eat fresh kale (Grunkohl) and I am fine so I cannot explain it. I wonder if it could have traces of other powders, such as banana because I am intolerant of banana – also wheatgrass gives me terrible headaches so perhaps it has spores of wheatgrass? I would be interested to see if Feinstoff could think of a reason.

I don't have any complaints about Feinstoff.

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