1 year ago

The Vimbal 2 from this company is a terrible product and I have listed all the problems of it on Amazon and other websites.

Somehow, the company manages to remove the bad reviews from the website, which is unethical and promotes a bad product.

The vimbal 2 comes in a cheap foam case vs the heavily advertised zipper one of high quality.

The product is self has terrible operation problems, no printed instructions and the app is a nightmare.

I tried to contact the company, address the problems of the app, the conectivity, battery life and isntructions and never got a reply from those people.

When i did find the instructions the item was a challenge to use and gave up after several hours, and keep in mind I am an IT and Video profesional.

This to my opinion is a typical company that sugar scores of people with a freebie, so they write a review and then give a false reputation to a product that cost pennies to make and sell for 拢79.

I know Trustpilot is genuine, and a message to FeiyuTech is that the will not remove this honest review and more will follow all over the internet and youtube.

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