6 months ago

Went to Fe Jones & Sons car body repairs in Prestatyn North wales regarding a cracked reversing light cluster replacement. The guy dealing with me told me he would try the cheap option first as a manufacturer branded part would work out dearer, so he made a phone call & then told me the cheap option was 拢50 for a new cluster. He then explained that he would have to take the bumper off to fit it, another 拢50 so 拢100 for the job which I agreed to.
It was only later that I found out that to replace the cluster you only have to open the tailgate & you flick out the cluster with a flat bladed tool then unplug the cracked cluster & replace with a new one (no taking rear bumper off involved) and besides that I also found out that you can get a brand new cluster off Ebay for 拢27. But I put my trust in a so called honest local garage to be totally ripped off. They should be ashamed of themselves. Be warned!

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