3 years ago

Best service, Coffee and everyone is super Nice!


3 years ago

Don't go there??!! Only if u support "idiots" boss, who don't do anything for their employees….! 鈽狅笍鈽狅笍?


3 years ago

I have been working with Marie Louise at feldvoss ( hair salon ) in Dubai for 6 months. I think it's time for everybody to hear my story.

It started off quite exiting with a lot of ideas about a bigger hair salon that I would be managing. But all of a sudden the other hairdresser resigned and Marie found out that she was pregnant, so she wouldn't be working that much. That's what happens, I'm just not very good at working alone in a salon all day. Of course there was the very underpaid receptionist who kept me company, but couldn't help me with any hairdresser related issues.

I talked with Marie about this issue for 2 months without any real response, before I resigned. I gave her 2 months notice as I knew that she was about to take a months vacation.

I worked there for the last month without any communication from her side.聽 she didn't pay her bills on time, the system went down, the ac broke and got my salary a week late.
Then when she returned from her holiday it all got very complicated. She failed to cancel my visa on time for me to go back home. Which聽 means that I will have trouble entering the country again. She didn't want to give me my last salary because she thinks that I have cost her a lot of money, which is true but she wanted me to pay for my visa, my salary certificate and buisness cards. These can never become my expenses and she has no right to deduct it from my last salary.

I have contacted dmcc , but there is not really anything they can do when I'm not in the country anymore .. So now she will just get away with this, and I know she has done it multiple times before me..

So now the last thing I could do is to tell people the truth about her and her salon. I could have a lot more to say, but I'm not gonna waste my time with anger..

Thank you for reading

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