8 years ago

I purchase Halloween props at this shop, does anybody know their new link, They had great products and great service
Any link will help thank you


9 years ago

I disagree with the comment left by Todd D, I have shopped several times for lenses at felibean.com and have recommended others also. The prices are great. Customer service is good , prices and unbeatable. They are great about offering refunds or exchanges. packages are shipped insured and we do not pay extra, delivery is guaranteed.If any problems they will request info.to avoid fraudulent claims. ( IF YOU WANT FREE LENSES FROM THIS COMPANY YOU WONT GET THEM) Service is great though and I recommend them if you want color lenses


9 years ago

This is the one and only site I have ever ordered off of that I have been highly unhappy with and feel I should warn others. Ordered one "PAIR" of contacts but only received one contact. Tried to deal with the issue and was told to check the packaging for the missing one and that they never only put one in. When I explained that there only was one, I was told to see if it was tampered with at customs. After I told them it didn't look like it they basically just ignored me and offered no further aid. I made several attempts but felt like I was being accused or treated like I was lying when all I wanted was the missing contact so I would have a usable set. Now I have one useless contact and the first reason for me to be worried about ordering stuff online. Sad because the one contact looks pretty sweet, but I guess I will have to try to find a place to order another to have the set.


10 years ago

great service, fast shipping and the prices are very affordable. Great reviews on google and amazon. If you are looking for halloween color contacts that is the right place

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