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5 months ago

The website mentions return are accepted but be aware here is what happened to me. I bought 2bras same size same style, two different color Bare and Black. I tried the bras the same day I have received them. The bare color was amazing, a favorite and fits like a glove, the black was stretched out in the front middle of the bra and the length of the part to hook around was longer and was missing an important tag for enabling returns. How do I know? well the bare color bra had this tag that mentioned to not removed it for returns. I am pretty sure the black bra was a returned item sold to me which would explain also the stretching. Upon request of returning the black bra Felina sent me an email I will be refunded 10 88$, why half? I paid about 20$each before taxes. I emailed them multiple times, called them twice and left a message to make sure I get a refund with tag missing and a full refund. It has been 6 days I am waiting a reply and nothing has happened. So beware buyers you might get a great product here and there but also you can get one not so new and get no to half a refund! Customer service not good.


11 months ago

Really quick postage and good comms to start with, however item arrived damaged and then all the nonsense started. No initial response to my 3 enquiries and it was only after I called that things started to happen. Was told a replacement would be sent out and I would have to return the faulty item…all good. 3 weeks latter I contacted Felinaworld only to be informed that my item was out of stock……why offer a replacement in the first place? Was offered a repair or refund and opted for the refund. I was unable to use Felina's choice of courier and had to post the item back. Felina originally agreed to pay half these postage costs, but then rengade on this promise opting to pay part in a voucher, when originally they said they could not offer one of these. I have to say Felina are no Amazon, the customer service at best was poor, no initial responses to my enquiries about how we could return the item and then simply leaving it to me to sort out when I was unable to use their preferred choice of courier. I also have to say the quality of Lemax products is not that great. When you pay over a 拢100 for a small decoration you expect it to be of a reasonable standard and not arrive with bits broken off. As with lots of products made in China and not particularly great.

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