9 months ago

This website looked like a legitimate site that sells extensions and wigs. The storefront looked appealing and a google search didn't turn out anything negative. Well, the long and the short is I was mugged off, wasn't I? I bought 3 wigs via PayPal (thank God). I ordered human hair on lace-front wigs and they sent me ugly synthetic stuff. It was so plastic it shined. So in good faith, I emailed them thinking it was an error. They didn't respond but they were quite happy to keep my money. They are thieves hiding behind a sassy storefront online. I have opened a case with Paypal hopefully they can get my money back. All I want is my money back.


10 months ago

Ignoring contacts and phone calls shameful ripping people off

I ordered three wigs never recieved them i then tried three times to contact them no response i dont have money to throw away


10 months ago

Wigs not as advertised

Ordered 3 wigs that were advertised as human hair, lace front. Received plastic, synthetic wigs that were very poor quality. The wigs could not even sit on my head properly. And they were not the length I ordered. I contacted them for a refund and they said they would only provide a refund if I shipped the wigs back to the original company located in China, and to provide tracking information. In total, this would cost me nearly 60$ to ship and track. Thus I would lose the money I spent anyway.

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