Feminist Frequency

1 month ago

I love being very smart and up to date this makes me be in the centre of attention and attract as much persons as possible , this also may help me be very serious and also helps me being very concentrated at some decent dealings , only this makes one be very perfect at what one does as well


3 years ago

Nuff said. Ditch this special snowflake approved sexism and racism. Feminism is long done for, we have equality in fact women in first world countries are the most privileged group of people right now.


3 years ago

This website is terrible. A bunch of bull$#*! blogs on how mostly women and sometime gay and people of color are being oppressed in the media and to advocate to prevent "online harassment". Not to mention how the white straight male is the devil of this world. You cannot reply on the website. All you can do is follow them on twitter, facebook and give a donation to their dumb cause. This place is so hypocritical and Anita is a $#*!ing liar.


4 years ago

This site sucks absolutely. Fighting "the patriarchy" in the west while inviting people from the east that rappe and killl women, Christians and generally anyone who choses not to believe what they believe. Bad site.

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