Fence Supermarket

2 years ago

Bought a lovely big wooden fence, and have still to receive it!

I think this mob, may have done a runner.


5 years ago

These guys took my money straight away but no sign of delivery date and they wont even respond to my emails. getting worried that i've been scammed now. Hope it gets better from here.


5 years ago

I ordered 7 fence panels totalling 拢357 online. My money was taken straight away and I was offered next day delivery.

The following morning after ordering I phoned to confirm my order and the delivery date and I was assured that everything was in order. Later that day I phoned again to see whether I could get a more accurate time of delivery, I was again assured that it would be the following day.

I received an email with my delivery tracking information and told I would receive a phone call 30 mins prior to delivery.

Just for peace of mind I phoned again to confirm however during this conversation I was then told that the panels were out of stock and that it would take a few weeks.

I am still waiting for my money to be returned as it will take 5 days to clear in my bank.

Do not trust their website, do not trust them on the phone, go elsewhere. They will take your money whether the items are in stock or not and you will be left out of pocket.

Appalling service.


5 years ago

Easy to order, phoned to let me know when they were delivering. Driver rang to say he would be with me in 30 minutes and he was! Very helpful and polite. Great fence panels and posts, would use again.


5 years ago

Have had to arrange two delivery dates for fence panels, the first date I had organised people to fit the fence, which didn't show up, rearranged again, still no panels. Presently waiting for a refund, have bought from another supplier who can hopefully deliver when arranged. Don't waste your time or money with this company.


6 years ago

I bought some fences and was really impressed with the prices 🙂 Good value and I was even more pleased that they could deliver the next day. It says you pick your delivery date, so I did and chose the following day as we only had the next two days to get them fitted. I paid just a little more to have them from that website as I could get them straight away, whereas other websites which were also good value but slightly cheaper were later in the week which was no good. I looked at reserving them at local store but as there were to be delivered the next day, I decided this was better 🙂

As I paid the screen said to watch out for an email which would come with delivery info and the ability to track my order. No info on the delivery times though.

The next day… mid morning, i rang fence supermarket and chose the delivery option as I wanted to know the likely time and hadn't had the tracking email. they said they had no record of the delivery date and had tried calling me (no missed calls on my phone) to arrange the date. Not the time, but to arrange the date. I explained they were due to be delivered today and they said no, that was not possible as they don't do next day delivery and my order was too late.

I explained I only had today and tomorrow to fit them so they agreed the following day delivery and she agreed to put us down for first delivery and informed me delivery is 7-7 and they'll ring half an hour before. I got up and was ready with my phone from 6.30am. In the end I rang them to find out where they were and was told my drop was in the afternoon. Got them finally in the afternoon so had no time to fit them and had to leave them loose in our garden for days before we had time.

Numerous emails were initially ignored until I found the supplier and emailed them – they have responded and I will update this review once the matter is finalised.

So…. good value, but very poor customer service and my recommendation is that if you do buy from them – don't rely on the delivery date, call them and check before you waste time waiting in for them! And don't buy from them just because of the dates – even with email confirmations, your date probably isn't even set!

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