10 months ago

Last year i put in an pre-order for a front lip for SG5 forester,
Seeing as it was a pre-order i didn't mind waiting a few weeks or a month or 2 but now that 6-7months have passed i have yet to receive my order, i have contacted them multiple times asking for an update (why i have to ask them too update me on my order is just beyond my comprehension).

They keep telling me that they have issues creating it, sure no problem. 2 weeks go by i ask again for an update they say it will ship next week.
week goes by again no update at all, i ask again and now they tell me that it's a very hard piece to manufacture and if i want refund its no issue.

Sure i get this but not providing an update to me or other customers because I am 100% sure i am not the only one that is getting ripped off here, is just not OK.

So i took the refund, but up to this date i have yet to receive the money or any info that they have started the process of refunding.

there for i can not recommend this business.

if only they stopped creating all these renders and actually started creating them maybe this would be different.

the change of you getting your goods is none to very slim.

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