7 months ago

I tried to order from this company and for some reason my payment method (debit card) was not accepted. I tried a verified PayPal as well, and that was not accepted. I had success ordering from another company without a problem so I emailed customer service for a resolution. I got no response.

After emailing via their newsletter, which comes often enough, and the website, they sent a curt response that did not address the issue nor provide possible resolutions.

After a back and forth for quite a while, today I received the message, "We are showing that your IP address is on a temporary blacklist. I can not fix this from our end and I don't know what caused it on your end. Maybe try ordering from a different location, I can't say for sure what will fix the issue."

It seems that customer service and selling to customers is not important. I would recommend steering clear of this company.


9 months ago

I've been ordering via Fendrihan's Canadian portal for almost four years and I've never had any reason to regret it. The selection — razors, blades, brushes, creams, soaps, face scrubs, beard wash — is mind-blowing, from affordable to extreme high-end. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is clear in everything they do. Orders are carefully packaged and shipped promptly — I've ordered stuff on a Monday morning and gotten it Tuesday afternoon.

Unless I'm desperate for something Right Now, I've got no reason to look for personal-care products anywhere else.


1 year ago

Superior customer service: questions were responded to within a few hours, and were actually useful; time from order to receipt of order was very fast (and it was shipping to a rural address). High quality items arrived packed carefully.

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