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7 months ago

We had purchased fenesta windows, window doors was closed properly and fenesta engineers are came and solve. the company told no problem was came upto 10 years with in two month facing problems doors was not closed properly the engineers are not came to site friends better to go for local Companies or wood work


10 months ago

We invested in Fenesta windows for our whole house , a three floor house in Panchkula.
In two years , one of our bedroom windows was shattered. We lived mostly in Delhi and had come to Panchkula. our caretaker insisted he did not know how it happened-it happened on its own. The shattered window glass was in hundreds of pieces but holding in place weakly. We asked the Fenesta dealer from Chandigarh, who had installed it to look at it and explain. After all, we had installed it only because of the fact that it was supposed to be safe and shatterproof. The person came and told us
that they do not guarantee glass !
In the last six months , three more window glasses have met with the same fate- two on the second floor and one on the ground floor. What is going on? These fixed windows and we hardly use the second floor. The windows must be defective. I hope the company will replace the glass free of cost. We can pay for labour. Fenesta is a well known company. This is shocking and disturbing!


1 year ago

Very very bad service…bitter experience…read on quora and experienced it too
Do not opt for their services..
They take the complete payment even before the final measurements and then you are left in the lurch .Even for taking the measurements expect a delay and then again a big delay in installation. They do not answer ur calls and the reasons they give for the delay is completely unprofessional. Talk about professionalism they lack it to the core..


1 year ago

Don't purchase especially 'lift and slide', 'slide and fold' .In any case the rest of their offerings are available with other companies therefore and regardless I would not recommend you to purchase any fenesta products for their poor installation and service, despite having paid a cost premium on Fenesta products as my experience with Fenesta and their service team has been horrible in regards to the product INSTALLATION, QUALITY, DEVIATION of product functioning and quality than that displayed at display-center, FALSE-CLAIMS and HANDOVER ultimately affecting the product quality and functionality.

I installed approximately 2 months ago, including their most expensive and exclusive of products namely "LIFT and SLIDE" and 'SLIDE and FOLD' after experiencing these in their display centre.

The products installed have not been working properly pertaining to quality issues including improper installation, breakage during/pre-installation, faulty parts and installation location (for which the parts have not been replaced in more than a month).

To avoid the proper installation, the installation team falsely claimed to have completed the installation properly and to have given the handover to the dealer from whom I purchased it from but fortunately couldn't prove the same (with us having the photographing evidence proving otherwise). Later, they went back on their words justifying their "temporary faulty and poor quality" by stating that the products have not been handed over yet, hence such quality.

Only after a complaint on the toll-free was the team sent (mind you that the initial installation team had claimed to have given the handover of the products and was not showing up on the site in a month for completion and "repair" of the work.
The majority of issues which they failed to admit and acknowledge earlier were now finally acknowledged AFTER ALMOST A MONTH, however reluctantly. Only at this stage, the justification of work being left and handover not yet been given was made (which they claimed to have given earlier multiple times).

MAJORITY OF PROBLEMS, HOWEVER ADMITED HAVE NOT BEEN LOOKED INTO YET, with their installation team passively and falsely claiming to have fixed the same to the response team who has been dormant.

There was NO RESPONSE from the Fenesta RESPONSE team other than acknowledgement of fault (had to take the whole account on video because of the past fault acceptance issues, false claims and poor product and service quality).

5/7 FENESTA products are not functioning properly, and in MORE THAN A MONTH after acknowledgement, these issues are not resolved.


I have heard most ridiculous of faulty product solutions from them including "ye toh aise hi chalta hai", "magnet lagwalo tabh khula rahega" i.e. "that this product works like this only" and "IF YOU WANT THE DOOR NOT TO CLOSE BY ITSELF, GET A MAGNET FROM OUTSIDE INSTALLED".
They had to be shown the video of the display center product so as to make them accept the fault in their faulty product and installation.

The company STANDARDS NOT FOLLOWED during installation, even the silicon profiles were installed without taping on a noticeable end.

In almost 2 months the majority of these problems still persist and it is a pain to get the maintenance/ installation people on the site to get these problems fixed.
I have been harassed with FALSE PRODUCT PROMISES.

I would update the review in the future.
I am looking forward to approaching THE CONSUMER COURT and litigate under the other relevant acts. Kindly approach at ConsumerComplainsIndia at gmail for being a party to the CLASS ACTION lawsuit when commenced.


2 years ago

Here is balanced review of Fenesta.

I have experience with Fenesta as well as locally available UPVC window vendors.

Quality of material & looks: Fenesta does use quality material and the product is good looking, However if you go for other vendors who provide factory molded products, you get equally good quality

Processes & documentation :I was quite impressed with their pre-sales & sales processes, quite detailed documentation. I later realized that though they were designed to safeguard customer & the company's interest, In in reality, they are cause of a lot of issues and communication gap. they are used primarily to protect their interest. e.g. There are three exhaustive surveys and documentation, by third document, customer drops its guard assuming that if requirements have been captured properly in first two documents, they would be correct in the final one, however, error happens in the last document which customer oversees and everything turns into nightmare.

I found local vendors not as professional and documentation oriented, but they are very accommodating when mistake happens on their side or even customer's side.

Requirements & Surveys : Good things about fenesta stop here. Sales, final surveyor and the installation, all three are different guys, hence there are a lot of process hand-off issues. For any issue, there are five parties involved, Customer service, sales (original requirement document), final surveyor, installation & the customer.

In my case, customer service exec & the manager agreed that mistake was on fenesta's end, but requested me to to bear the entire cost of fixing as there is no way company can bear that. So there is no process for fixing mistakes after installation at companies's cost.

Local vendors are quite accommodating in the installation & design issues, in the worst case they generally agree to share the cost of mistake with the customer.

Installation : installation is somewhat ok. Though you can feel that the guys are unconcerned as you have already paid the full amount.

Local vendors generally show concern during installation as unlike Fenesta they do not take 100% payment in advance

Customer service : trust me, they have very systematic way of resolving problems i.e. "let the problem die its own death", You shouldn't expect follow-ups or any kind of urgency from their side

for local vendors, I do not have any experience so far.

VERDICT : Finesta's price point is more than double of other options and it is quite difficult to get any problems/issues resolved post payment. Unless you are a corporate customer (DLF etc.), ultra rich, or government organization( Rastrpati bahavan etc.), I would suggest not to go for Finesta as they have systemic issues dealing with retail customers. Better go for local vendors who use imported material and factory moldings, at less than half the cost.


3 years ago

Purpose of installing Fenesta double glass window is noise insulation but its totally failure and waste of money.

Sharing my communication with Fenesta but nothing happened as only to accept the fact.

Ashish Jadhav
Hello Fenesta cutomer care,

I had word with Mr. Sanjay and the final conclusion is that, nothing can be done for train track sound / vehicle engine and horn sound etc. for which we opt Fenesta sliding window.

Treat this service request as unsatisfied customer and proceed for closing it.

Ashish Jadhav

On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 2:18 PM, wrote:
Dear Mr.Jadhav,

First of all thank you so much for taking the time to write to us.
We鈥檙e glad to have the opportunity to review your concerns and provide feedback.

Fenesta products are factory made with multi chambered profiles and fusion welded joints to improve overall sealing.
All gaps between window and the wall are filled with silicone sealant.

Noise varying in frequency (or tone),noise intensity also fluctuates.
Noise (Train track/horn sound/two wheeler etc) is never constant,the instantaneous noise level is constantly changing,based on the volume speed.

Pls note :
Sound can travel into a building primarily from three ways, namely – Walls, floor / ceiling and windows / Doors.
Air gaps (wall-floor gaps/gap around inside room door bathroom door/Ac duct pipe etc)often exist because of poorly constructed seals, particularly at the joins with floors, ceilings,inside door, service pipes and ducts. Some materials may be also porous enough to pass sound through the small holes in their structure; brick and blockwork etc.
Inside room door/bathroom door should be airtight when closed,or else sound will also leaks from the gaps.
We have installed two windows rest windows of aluminium windows (Chances of sound leak)
We trust this explanation will convince you and also would like to request you to pls go through sound insulation report which is enclosed.


On Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 4:28 PM, Ashish Jadhav

Thanks for your co-operation.

Today Mr. Dilip / Mr. Kulkarni visited our site for inspection, three major points where discussed :
1) Train track / horn sound (which is reduced in smaller amount (20-30%) but not much satisfactory like up to 70% – Same is inspected by Dilip and agreed) .

2) Two wheeler sound (we done small live demonstration of two wheeler horn sound with the help of Fenesta executive, and that sound is clearly hear in our closed bedroom (8th floor) – Same is agreed by Dilip), even we observed that small three wheeler tempo engine sound we can hear.

3) Construction Sound (hammer sound, saw machine sound, and strange part is some workers are carrying long metal rod and dropping it, these sound even we can hear clearly – same is agreed by Dilip).

I keep on hearing that the quality, insulation is up to the mark, now who will decide this, as a customer I am not satisfied.

When you talk about sound intensity in DB, point two and three has to sort out atleast by installing double glass sliding window and your expertise, as these are the basis stuff.

In trail mail, you talked about medium which carried sound waves, I would like to add a point that medium is present everywhere which will carry sound but if I stay in peaceful location then should I install the Fenesta Double sliding window. Everyone choose window experts because they are facing sound issue (train / traffic), so expecting positive result is not wrong.

If I want to suggest a Fenests to my relative / colleague whose home is near to railway lines or highway road then does it really help, if you focus on point two and three its failure at that instant only.

I only want Fenesta to fix this.

As we did 2-3 inspections, now looking forward to your action, as only mail/ inspection/customer convincing part is going on.

Ashish Jadhav

On Sat, Apr 8, 2017 at 8:40 PM, wrote:
Dear Mr.Jadhav,

Thank you for your email. We take our customers鈥?problems seriously and are glad to hear from you.

We鈥檙e proud that you鈥檝e selected us as your solution provider ,and we would like the opportunity to keep you as a satisfied customer.

Our service engineer Mr.Dilip Mhatre will visit site on Monday ,request you to pls confirm the time.

We value your business and we are committed to providing you with the best service possible.


On Sat, Apr 8, 2017 at 12:12 AM, Ashish Jadhav wrote:
Hello Sanjay,

Thanks for your explanation regarding sound insulation but really its not useful neither acceptable at this moment, I would really appreciate if you explained this before installing double glass Fenesta sliding window. (When we talk about an expertise, there shouldn't be an excuse).

As I am customer I don't understand much about technical terms you used in terms of sound, but simple question for you as per your explanation, if installing sliding window is not help to insulate sound of two wheeler horn then where the expertise lie ??. (forget about the train track / horn sound, for which we actually chosen Fenesta).

I must say, for minor improvement, its not worth for me to replace my old sliding with Fenesta new sliding because there is no positive result.

What impress me to go for Fenesta is below contain on website :-
Inline image 1

Looking forward to your positive action.

Ashish Jadhav

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: 07-Apr-2017 6:51 pm
Subject: Sound fact – (Post installation – Sound Insulation)
Dear Sir,

Greetings From Fenesta Building Systems!!!

Please refer the telephonic discussion the undersigned had with you today regarding your Service Request ID:

First of all thank you so much for taking the time to register service to our call center.We appreciate the opportunity to clarify.

We strive to make sure that our products are of the highest quality and that each and every customer is satisfied with the performance of the product.

Pls find the facts of sound insulation

Sound is a kind of energy that's produced when things vibrate.Even things like ducts channels for cables or electrical outlets provide access point for sound.
Sound energy needs a medium such as air to carry it along.Closing the window does not keep out all the noise because sound also travels through external walls,floor,ceiling room opening also.(Enclosed sound insulation report)

We appreciate your business and hope that you will continue to be a loyal customer of Fenesta.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time should you have questions or concerns regarding our products and services.
Assure best services of Fenesta always.



5 years ago

A colleague of mine suggested Fenesta doors and windows while I was planning to renovate my home. I enquired by UPVC windows prices in India at Fenesta website and found them quite affordable. I decided to replace old windows in my home with UPVC windows offered by Fenesta. Fenesta is the leading UPVC window company in India and I would definitely recommend Fenesta products for use to everyone.


5 years ago

I am a resident to Delhi. The house in which I invested was not in good condition. But now, the doors seem to deteriorating with time and the window panes and frames soaked in the rain have lost their strength. This is when one of my friends told me about Fenesta UPVC doors and windows and how good these are in terms of durability. Next morning, I approached Fenesta in Delhi/NCR and discussed with them about my requirements.
They asked me to get UPVC French doors and windows installed in my house. I agreed to it and within fifteen days I got all the doors and windows replaced to UPVC French doors and windows. The tilt and turn window design was liked by wife very much. It also changed the entire look of my house making it aesthetically sound and attractive. I am very much impressed with fenesta products and would recommend others to definitely install it in their home.


8 years ago

Hi. I would just like to let you know how pleased i am with the service you have provided me and that the UPVC windows has been fitted and i am more than happy with it. I will be ordering another set of windows in the next couple of months from you and when i get round to replacing my doors i will still be buying from yourself. I will also pass on how good a service you have provided to my friends and family.聽
Keep up the great work.

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