4 years ago

This org is very fraudulent. They rented lasers from our company. The deal was we would supply them with anything they needed for any event they would ever have. We would swap out the lasers and decor and style them. The deal was they would promote us at the events and in some of their publications. All of them. This never happened. IN fact we went and set up the event for them. Supplied boxes for them to put the products back in so they would not be destroyed. Lasers are sensitive. They were finally returned 6 weeks later in a beer case box by RK the head of the foundation. Only 2 of 8 worked. She told me tough luck and walked. Did not care one bit. Now this is not the first time and we should have learned the first time. RK was a friend but would do what ever it takes to better herself or the org. I hope no one else is involved with them but stay away from Fibonaccifoundation.

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