3 weeks ago

Site contains downloads used when playing the game Path of Exile. These are all perfectly safe and are very useful for new players of the game. This site shouldn't have just 3 stars or the suspicious lable it has at time of reveiw.


1 month ago

Excellent. Have been using it for years.


2 months ago

No issues. Best site for customizing PoE item filters.


5 months ago

Really useful for PoE !


8 months ago

As the owner of filterblade – i have no idea why users are receiving this warning. I posted a request on the forums here and got no answer. Other security check sites show: "all perfect". I'll try emailing support.


8 months ago

Item Filter creator and manager for Path of Exile. No issues whatsoever.


3 years ago

Useful site to download and customize loot filters for the game Path of Exile.

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