6 months ago

Total crap. Paid for a frame mockup. Wrong file was linked. Attempted to contact them via every possible channel, no response whatsoever. Wish I had checked here before purchasing, but site looked pretty legit. Don't be fooled. Fortunately I paid with a credit card so will be able to have them do a chargeback and get my money back.


1 year ago

contacted support after something was bought without me actually confirming it. got no answer. the filters I bought before once were also really different from what was shown in the product itself.
As many other people have stated, this company seems like a huge scam.


1 year ago

Wow, they鈥檙e absolutely awful. No customer service response after they did an unauthorized purchase, and selling awfully made filters which are nothing like demonstrated. A big scam. Don鈥檛 buy anything from them.


1 year ago

really bad products. stay away. customer support is not getting back. reviews of the products seams highly moderated.


4 years ago

Selling low-quality / counterfeit digital goods. The presets they sell are dodgy and had nothing to do with the image samples they advertised.

The admin moderates customers' reviews heavily. The negative (but 100% polite) review I posted on just gone into a black hole and never appeared online. So I assume all the good reviews they boast on their website are just fabricated.

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