FINOM Germany

4 months ago

I was introduced to Finom through a Facebook ad and got my hand on a lifetime deal.

This came in with a perfect timing.
I am using Finom in Germany and loving the web and app version so far.

It is not yet perfect, but the support team Anna and Natalia did a great job.

Anna helped me on the release date to open my account even after she already done for the day.

That is amazing support

I was on waiting list using apple log in
But when I tried to open my account had an issue using my email from apple id

Anna had so much patient to solve this issue with me and stayed 10 minutes late on the chat and sacrificed her private time in benefit for me as the customer to get the account registered.

Super amazing support team and definately my prefered app.

I currently using Kontist on a free trial for the year, but definately not paying 9 euro per month for a limited service.

With Finom I can do my bookkeeping and keep my balances at a glance.

Can connect my other bank accounts and in Finom I have two wallets that I use one for business transactions and one for private transactions.

That way I can keep private and business separated very easily.

I have virtuel credit cards that I can use online up to 25000 Euro per month

But if I have a one time payment in the internet and do not want the vendor to have my card details

I can easily remove my virtuel card and create a new one without paying anything.

I was told that I do not even pay foreign currency exchange fees when paying in USD using my Euro card.

I cannot confirm it now but I am happy if that is true.
This makes everything very easy for my business and can manage all

I even get 0.30% cashback if using my credit card in a supermarket.

Best lifetime deal I got so far and hope Finom will make it on the German market and grow fast.

I can highly recommend this company to other customers and hope that everything will get better from now on

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