2 years ago

Firedrop is bad.
If your traffic is too large, they will delete your account.


2 years ago

please ignore the fake reviews, this website is total garbage. 250 kb/s download speed… in 2018? and they make you pay for higher download speed, which I doubt they give you.


3 years ago

I've used Firedrop to carry out projects across a variety of working environments. From personal projects like multi-media or family sharing and also in my work.

Firedrop is an efficient and useful way to move files between multiple devices.

Another great thing about Firedrop is that I know my data is double-baked up in their cloud. It isn't my only point of backup, but at the very least I know I'm not going to lose a file if it is in firedrop and my laptop get stolen or some other malady.

I've shared files with countless people at this point using folders on firedrop. No other product delivers as simply and nicely as this for file sharing.

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