4 years ago

Had an unpleasant encounter with this company recently.

Absolutely disgusting staff. Two staff in a Firm Paving Land Rover cut in front of me at a roundabout in Wimbledon Village, from my left when I had already entered. I honked my horn and pulled a funny face, which made these neanderthals go crazy.

Two young Irish men pull up beside my car (blocking the other side of the road), and hurl out constant abuse "I'll f*cking knock you out", "get out the car and I'll f*cking knock ya out", "why won't you get out the car, are ya scared?"

Of course, they went silent and fled as soon as I got my camera out.

I called up to complain but didn't sound like anyone really cared. I suppose this is normal for these people to drive like idiots, almost causing a crash then show off how tough they are by swearing at members of public.

AVOID these cowboys at all cost. They do not deserve a penny. There are plenty of other paving companies out there that will do a fantastic job.

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