5 months ago

Tried the one-on-one coaching with Michael that is very very expensive ($10,000)- this is the biggest disappointment I've ever experienced in any training program.

Michael (by now everyone knows this is a fake name he is using for good reason !) has built a website and management consulting training program that looks very glamorous from the outside just to lure you in, once he's got your money he treats you like dirt. And that's why they have a strict no refunds policy at any time, this should have been a big red flag. He is very arrogant, rude, condescending, impatient and simply doesn't care about the clients – most of his time is spent on the marketing side to lure new victims in.

On the training itself, is nothing like what you see or hear in the videos online – this is his polished slide to lure you in.

He tries to run down your training hours quickly on high-level useless ideas so when you really need to get to the technical case training content you have consumed most of your hours with little or no results and need to buy more.

The reason he talks alot about values, values, values is because he knows his program is a scam and he has no values – its like the thief who when he meets you keeps talking about how honesty is important to him to get you to believe it so its much easier to steal from you.

Do not spend a single dollar with these guys you will be very sorry. Also all his reviews on his website not independent reviews and are from the very early days when he was trying to establish a good reputation to use later to rip people off. Their strategy is that they buy good reviews by offering with services and products. You will not find almost anywhere on the internet that has any review of them because they work very hard to stop this.

The results of his program speak for itself, most of the people that were trained by him in TCO either did not get an offer or were managed out within the first year. Check their LinkedIn and you will see that:

– Felix Season 1 aka Peng Zhong works for Bayer now (managed out in 12months)
– Alice Qinhua Zhou Season 2 "was managed out of McK for being too transactional" according to Michael
– Michael Klein Season 2 never was hired
– Jen Season 3, managed out in 12 months

Never buy a product from somebody who uses a fake name: Michael Boricki is a fake name. He has hired some people around him in Firms Consulting to clean-up its image but the core is still very roten.

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