First Choice Property Net

7 months ago

First Choice Property Net is the wrong Choice!

Rude, Unprofessional & Compulsive liars.

They simply have no knowledge about property, they use other agents to market their own properties. Tofik uses non-Asian agents like Penrose, Lenwell & Haart when their own clients are ethnic minorities! Tofik also used a lady wedding photographer to take his property photos after 20 years of trading!
When they are wrong, they preach religion and karma but when you are wrong, they insult & abuse. Tofik will tell you his life stories for sympathy which are also lies! I foolishly believed him and left my house with him only to learn it was lies later on.

Tofik is so tight and obsessed with money. He asked Kabir to demand money from my father that I didn't owe them, I donated the whole months鈥?rent which he shamelessly kept!

They charged me 拢100 a month just to transfer my rent into my account on random dates.

No signage on the office, company website does not even function. The office is closed most days.
Tofik claims his best mate Kabir who also is his employee does private jobs behind his back yet still employs him!

Please go to Venue Central google reviews where you can read all about Kabir, someone has even put his photo up. He is the rude security guard and car parking attendant who works there.

The 5 stars reviews are fake, as they all just started appearing in the last year and not staggered over 20 years! They simply have no knowledge about property.

Keep away from this business, just walk further down the road where you can deal with a professional agent or just manage the property yourself, there is no point in paying any letting agent to just transfer money into your bank account on random dates.

The biggest regret in my life dealing with this business.

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