1 month ago

My husband and I reached out to flawless bull mastiff to adopt a puppy named Ivy. The 鈥渂reeder鈥?took hours to respond but finally did through e mail and text only. (We assumed maybe their english was not good or they were deaf or something like that) They informed us that she was still available to adopt and sent us a questionnaire via e mail. Shortly after we submitted that they sent us a contract and told us to pay the 800.00 +150.00(for shipping) through Zelle. They told us if they hurry they can get her on a flight and get her to us that same day! After that they said they were dropping her off all packed up to the transport company they use all the time. My husband received a call and e mail hours later from the Currier company stating very convincingly they need us to give them 1500.0 for refundable insurance for the safe travel of Ivy. At this point we just wanted our new baby home so we were told if we Zelle them, the cash will be given to us upon safe arrival of the pup to our doorstep. We paid 馃槥. They called and told us it had not gone through so it was looking like it would be the next morning. We waited, we finally heard from them later the next day, they told us the insurance place was not processing that day and it would be one more day. This is where we caught on but it was too late and we still didn鈥檛 know if they really had a puppy involved or not. They called the next morning now 1/3/21 stating they need us to rent an e crate for her because the crate she is in does not pass for safe travel and they will need 1900.0 for us to rent one from them and they will refund our money. We did not pay this. We got a text from the 鈥渂reeder鈥?stating the puppy has been away for too long now and to please send the money and to think about the poor puppy, she needs to get home. The 鈥渂reeder鈥?then texted stating 鈥減lease, I will pay 600.00 of my own money all you will have left is 820.00 please think of Ivy鈥?we explained we have no more money and didn鈥檛 hear back. The address given was fake. Everything was fake except the bank account they took our money with 馃槩. Our family is heartbroken, they sent pictures of Ivy and her parents and we fell in love. We don鈥檛 want this to happen to anyone else. It hurts so bad, financially and emotionally.

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