Flick Pest Control Sydney

8 months ago

Terrible People at Flick Cairns. Technicians never keep timings. They arrive at different timings from the ones informed by the schedulers. Found technicians Tresspassing on our premises without informing or announcing their arrivals. Found Roaches were present in the warranty period. The technician attended but did spray only in the kitchen area. He did not visit whole house and was out within minutes. In fact he was more interested in having the food my wife was cooking which was generously offered by her, Cockroaches were still found after a week. So had to refer it back to them. The same technician came back but this time he did resort to bad mouthing and mis behaviour right from the doorstep. I tolerated his Verbal Volleys for a while, but when he started misbehaving with my wife, this dis respect towards woman was intolerable by me. To thia I told him to behave himselves or leave. When this was reported to the manager, he withdrew the technician and refused to send another technician.

By refusing to send another technician the manager had dishonoured the services contract and warranty period.

Customer services seems to be non existence, no contact information for customer setvices is provided. When I reported this on their Face book page, some one made initial contact on Face Book Messenger but after my first response to him, he has stopped responding to any further communications. I have tried communicating with some one at the head Office in Sydney or Melbourne but unable to get through because there is no customer services for such a big company, no wonder the regional manager is adamant and deffiant.

Must say no one seems to care at Flick once they have got your money and once you are locked in for a Year.

Was negotiating Termite Barriers quoted at 5K + with this company and was thinking to start from July but I am very happy that I got to know about them early On. Moving out to another company.


2 years ago

Flick came out to help with my cockroach issue at my home. I'm happy with the service and it's now been a few weeks since and we haven't seen the cockroaches after a few days after service. Thanks!


2 years ago

Very disappointing from a large company, poor communication, service person didn鈥檛 turn up on time and didn鈥檛 tell us what they had done just wanted a signature for their proof of work.
Moved companies now.

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