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Quote from Sidalpha's video on Youtube: "FlightSimLabs, the Developers that were found to be deliberately making use of malware as a form of DRM, are back at it again with an executable file that can be used to bypass UAC in an interesting way. As a result of the public backlash over this, the Developers have threatened the Flight Sim Subreddit Moderators with a defamation lawsuit and have also attempted to get peoples personal information from the site in order to make additional legal threats against commenters on that site."

Checkout r/flightsim or /watch?v=v6gu8HCMrTo for more information.


3 years ago

Company is known to embed malware with legitimate products. This was masked as chasing software pirates, but the very act of knowingly distributing malware to every customer's computer is illegal. This company is not to be trusted.


3 years ago

They already failed with the name of the exe file………………….


3 years ago

They know my p*rnhub password


3 years ago

This company is a stealth police car, equipped with X-ray cameras, to see anyone what they are doing if they think it is suspicious. Your house is basically made out of glass, this is how they can see what are you doing.

Im okay if DRM would do something creative (like the video game earthbound that increases the enemy spawn rate, and other things), and I understand that piracy is harmful, but this vigilante-like malware DRM like this is like having excessive surveillance in private places. Anti-piracy, more like anti-privacy. Even if the DRM was perfect, no consumer would like to have a potentially abusive copyright enforcement on their machines in a matter similar to leemena's fangame "sonic gather battle", and the fact that DRM can be exploited by actual malware writers the way it happened with Sony BMG rootkit.

It was discovered that the DRM have a google chrome password dumping tool named "test.exe" that steal passwords should the software's serial number check fails (use to verify if the user is a pirate or not). Should it flags that the user is a pirate, it sends the password information to this company just for investigation of the user.

This is not a fake exe made by vigilante 3rd parties who support copyright-maximal-ism enforcement, this is an OFFICIAL COMPANY who place this digital rights malware on their software, for ALL downloaders regardless if the user was a pirate or not. Guess what, you can make excuses that it only runs if the user is in fact a pirate, but it is UNACCEPTABLE the fact that is INCLUDING this in the software that users download.

As time goes on, we keep seeing more and more disgusting enforcement over copyright going out of their way against users legally using content. These sh!theads want even more rights than copyright can take a hold on the use of a product, from copying a content under fair use, to preventing use in unauthorized countries (example: new zeeland crappy companies like MediaWorks, Spark, Sky Network Television, and TVNZ are enforcing this copyright region licensing against VPNs), to prevent modification, tampering, editing and even repairing a content, and now trying to make it mandatory for sites to use automated filtering system a similar way how youtube takes down videos. Now we're in an age where anyone who dare violates any of these obnoxious, stupid, anti-consumer, f**ked up, vomiting, co*ksu***ng, bullsh!t policies restrictions could be legally punished? It's like they're trying to be above the copyright law than actually following how copyright actually works.

EDIT of June 10, 2018:

On JUNE 4, 2018 they've done it again. This time they are even more similar to how Sony used malware: using deceptive file names to try to look like legitimate software to try to "trick pirates" into thinking not to delete that file. The software in question: cmdhost.exe is equivalent to Sony's "Plug and Play Device Manager", just for "authentication" purposes. It was on Torrentfreak article about flightsimlabs: The file itself isn't a virus or malware, rather a "dummy" file to be used by an exe to do things that malware would, called "system hollowing":

Whats worse, is the company itself. They're censoring their forums to hide what they were caught doing and now trying to bully outside sites like reddit to "take down these DRM criticisms or we will sue you for libel" as an attempt to prevent anyone from knowing about their own tactic.

F*cking. distasteful. If I criticize a store for installing HIDDEN cameras IN THE TOILET, I should not be under the influence of the store policy saying "you cannot disclose our security system".

We're already in the time where the EU is now planning to have the worst draconian copyright enforcement in the planet of mankind. Demanding mandatory content ID to be on all internet platforms, removing safe harbors, pretty much SOPA 2.0.

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