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On January 27th 2020 at 11:10, four of us Malaysians were suppose to board onto Flixbus from Prague to Berlin, Germany.

We were there 20 minutes before with all our luggage and hand-carry bags ready to go, but the driver did not let us get on due to excessive luggage bags. We asked if we could take some stuff out from our luggage bag and add some into our hand-carry since it didn鈥檛 weight up to 7kg (the max weight for hand-carry and 20kg for luggage bag). The driver rudely said 鈥淣O NO, you cannot do that.鈥?I didn鈥檛 understand why I couldn鈥檛 just move some stuff to have less weight in my luggage bag and have enough within the limit. Then I asked again and the man immediately said 鈥淕o to Flixbus office! Any questions, go to office!鈥?with his hand gesture pointing. I looked down and I see less than 5 minutes to 11:10. I asked him, 鈥渋f I go to the office, will you wait for us?鈥?And he rudely answered 鈥淎ny questions, go to office鈥?

So instead of wasting time arguing with the driver, I decided to run back to the main building and spoke with one of the Flixbus counters. Once I got there, I nicely mentioned everything what just happened and asked, 鈥渉ow can I pay my excessive baggage?鈥?And the lady rudely answered, 鈥淣ot here. Pay to the driver. Go back and chase him back鈥?I then responded, 鈥渂ut the driver told me to come in here and now you鈥檙e telling me to go back?鈥?She answers, 鈥淣o no, go run back, you pay to driver.鈥?I ran back and when I got back to the bus platform, I see the bus but the second I walked towards the front door of the bus, the driver started to move forward. I was running and waving with my bus ticket in the air, he for sure could see me through his side mirrors. I then knocked on the bus while the bus was moving slowly and shouted 鈥渨ait! Wait!鈥?and he drove off.

I have never felt so disrespected, received extremely rude responses and poor service while traveling. To make it simpler, why didn鈥檛 the driver just tell us how much we needed to pay for our excessive baggage? But instead told us to go to the office when he KNEW time was running. Theres something about Czechs who aren鈥檛 open and friendly towards foreigners. I don鈥檛 know if it was racists because one of us was wearing a hijab but we felt very mistreated. Never again with Flixbus.

If I could give zero stars, I would.


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I travelled from Prague to Jihlava and accidentally left my travel bag in the bus. I immediately called the infoline and the guy there told me that he can't help me, that they don't have good experience with these drivers and that he won't even bother to call them. He asked me, if I could pick up the bag in Zagreb, Croatia (which was the terminal station). The most stupid advice I ever got…
So I filled in the Lost and Found form on their website, described the bag both in Czech and English, but didn't get any message about it. People from Facebook account of Flixbus informed me, that finding the luggage can take up to 30 days. What the f..? Are they searching the whole Zagreb?


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2 years ago

Quite cheap if you buy in advance. Going everywhere. Buses are new. Flexible seat system is not working good. Everybody seats alone, and occupy both seats during the night. So you had to wake someone up, in order to take a seat. If you're travelling with someone you might seat separately because of this. Also now there is a possibility to book seats (for extras). So it possible that you'll have to change seats, cause it's not written anywhere if this seat will be occupied (they have some green stickers, meaning that this place isn't booked, but they sometimes wrong, so you'll have to find a new place)


2 years ago

The driver didn't stop at my station at Olomouc. he just passed the station. I have immediately asked him to stop to let me out, he started yelling at me in a vulgar way telling me it's my fault (??). Also the bus was two hours late.
After I told about the driver's behaviour the company thy just responded with an automated email.
I'll never use FlixBus again.


2 years ago

Hello, my name is Andrey. My wife, our almost 3,5 year old daughter and I, have used your services recently. We went on a one day trip on a bus from
Prague (Florenc) – Karlovy Vary and back again the same day in the evening. Our trip was on 2.05.18. Our trip to Karlovy Vary went very well (the bus,the driver,the service), everything was good.
BUT!!! When it was about time to head back to Prague…I dont even know how to tell and explain it, in a calm and civilized manner without emotions! What we went through, what we experienced and what we saw, was ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS and unacceptable!!! I am talking about the driver of the bus.
First things first. When we presented our tickets to him, he asked where our babychair is for our daughter? We explained, that when we were buying the tickets we were told that no babychair is needed for children over 3 years of age (we asked specifically at the ticketdesk). And that we came to Karlovy Vary today with Flixbus and that there were no problems at all on our way here. He then pointed his finger at me and basicly yelled "dont you lie to me, dont you lie to me". When my wife tried to reason with him, he literally shhhht her in her face????? He then told me in the same tone as before, that he will take us on the bus THIS time! WAIT,WHAT??? As if we should be thankful to him for taking us (with our tickets in hand and folowing all the necessary procedures) with him. In the mean time he did not let anyone into the bus, and there were some 40 people standing outside just waiting. When other people started asking him questions and trying to hurry him a little, he just shhhht them in their face!!! How is this acceptable? Well there was a group of older women who apparently didnt like that and startet shhhh him back. He then went in total rage mode. The group of older women spoke to him in inglish and told him that he should tone down and stop shhhing people in the face. He spoke back to them in same tone…in Czech! In the mean time he let us and all other passengers on to the bus. All of us, besides the group of older women. With whom he stood outside of the bus and discussed in a loud manner for a while. He then jumped onto the bus and tried to close the front door (basicly cutting them out and leaving them outside). They were trying to stop the door from closing with their bare hands so their hands and arms got pinched in the doorway!!! All while yelling to the driver, "What are you doing? We have tickets! We NEED to be in Prague today! We are leaving for Albania tommorow". So what did he do you might ask? He then just started driving…leaving them behind. He simply left 9 older women, who are old enough to be my grandmother, in a country far away from their own, all by themselves. And as we were told at the ticketdesk, the 18 15 bus is the last bus from Karlovy Vary to Prague. I wonder if they ever got to Prague that day and what happened to them? Did they ever catch their flight?
So as you can see. We did not only get a troublesome trip for our money, we also got a show. A sad show I might add.
People of Flixbus, you who are reading this message. I urge you to take measures. To take actions. I cannot be the first one to be complaining about this driver and surely wont be the last one. Dont leave this behind and walk past this issue. Because people, regular passengers going with Flixbus, deserve better. They dont deserve to be yelled at, shhht at, and especially left behind!
I would really like to get your feedback on this issue. What measures or actions will be taken, if any. Meanwhile I myself will take action and make sure that I and my story will be heard loud an clear anywhere possible.
Hope hearing from you


3 years ago

Excelent service, we used to go to Karlovy vary from Prague, we took the first one in the morning and came back the same day on the last one in the evening. Every thing was perfect, good bus, good driver and all on time.


4 years ago

My friend and I missed our original bus due to a change in the pickup location which wasn't pointed out very well on the ticket. We had shown up at the original pickup location (asked staff around if we were in the right spot) and no bus showed up. Our ticket had two portions as there was a small layover in a town. We decided to take a train to catch up to the next stop to reconnect with our bus. The train set us back 100 EURO! We showed up at the next stop. The bus was 15-20min late and then the bus driver would not let us board. We had a ticket for the first portion and second. However, their check in system would not allow the driver to check us in on his phone even though we could clearly see our names on his phone. We spoke with him and he laughed and did not allow us to board. We needed to get to our final location so had to pay 59 EURO to board a bus we had already paid for. I have spent 3 months now emailing (back in my home country now) Flixbus with only an offer to provide credit towards a new trip. I don't think I want to ever ride with them again. I want the Money back that was wrongfully taken from me as I already had a valid ticket for the journey. On top of that both the customer service agents and bus driver were very rude through the process and they just don't seem to care. The day that was meant to be fun and only cost us 45 Euro turned into a terrible experience and set us back the original cost plus 159 EURO. Could have flown to our destination for that! I'll try another provider next time before I have spend another penny on them. Also WIFI does not work!


4 years ago

Hello Guys
I'm writting down my experience with the worst company . My girlfriend and I took the bus from Rome to Pisa the bus was to arrive in Pisa at 1:30 but the bus arrived 1:20 minutes late and we lost our other from Pisa bus to Venice. We thought 1 hour extra would be good for any unexpected but it was not!!! The driver said it was because the traffic jam I saw he took traffic but he was late and did stop for cofe and i said him we were going to lose our conexion he said the stop was mandatory.
The flixbus left ROme at 8am on friday I thought they put some time extra for traffic or something that would probably happen in hush hour but not!!
The result was we lost the conexion there were any bus to do the same jorney in that day the only option we had to do was go by train.
The train cost us 114,40 euros and to finish the history we lost the check in of our hotel as well we had to pay a big tax to stay in our hotel in that night.
I kept touch with them and they have just said sorry about this and good bye
So for all my friend that want to go with them think before buy if you have other options don't go with them!!!

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