7 months ago

I bought a digital hd code off them this morning,it was Tomb Raider….paid for item and they sent me a code that was previously used 2 weeks before..today i bought it on 7-5-20..and went to redeem it and it said it was redeemed on 6-16-20….be warned people,they send out codes that are knowingly previously used..luckily i paid by paypal and am fighting to get a refund for they dont respond…if you run a company logically speaking someone would be at that particular site to answer questions,comlaints or what have you.
**THIS IS AN UPDATE**(15 minutes later) this company recognized their error and made it right fast….so therefore i retract my previous statements and thank them and apologize to them publicly so since they did,i would rate it excellent,not many company's fix the problem this fast

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