1 year ago

To be fair, I have rented from these guys at Billund Airport in Denmark with no issues many times, however on this occasion my rental came with a mileage restriction of 90km which nobody pointed out when I collected nor was I made aware of in my confirmation emails, and I didn't think to look out for having made the same rental so many previous times. Firstly, 90km is a ridiculously small amount and unless you're only planning to drive to the next town and back there's not really much point in renting! I feel this allowance is deliberately low to catch out unsuspecting people like myself. I returned the vehicle and having flown home received an email for 245DKK for excess mileage. I was naturally annoyed so called the desk the next morning, I spoke to the same person on the desk, who turns out to be the manager, and his response was that its my own fault for not checking, that's why the rental cost is so cheap, promptly followed by him putting the phone down on me. I became more frustrated with his response so I called customer services whose agent then compounded matters by denying he did this (despite not being there?). The service agent's response was much the same, eg not our problem. I tried to give feedback about their service levels and duty of care in explaining what liabilities there are on the vehicle rental but she was not interested. I regularly travel to Denmark and can't believe that they were happy to lose all of my future business on the back of something that could have been discussed professionally and probably have even reached a compromise, ultimately making me an even more loyal future customer. I guess this is not how their model works. They clearly believe customers are disposable and they are prepared to lose a few to gain a couple of sly extra Kroner. Sadly I won't be using them again unless I receive a satisfactory response from either their own customer services or from Sixt, the parent company. Held og lykke I fremtiden!


2 years ago

Rented a Flizzer car in Iceland last week. After finding the office that is very badly signed and a bus ride away from the airport we waited more then an hour to get the car. Flizzr is part of Sixth and I have never seen a car rental company operating so slow. Is it totally different to rent out a car in Iceland then Spain???? Or German??? Never again. I think each client to 10-15 min to service even that all information was given online.


2 years ago

I booked a car for a long weekend from Copenhagen Airport, I went by price and paid. After that I read some reviews and got worried that I had made a mistake. But no, I can honestly only compliment FLIZZR, a brand new Nissan QashQai, 5km on the clock (this is Vauxhall insignia estate class for interest). I had to upgrade to a larger car from an Astra size, received a phone call from FLIZZR who advised the best and most cost effective vehicle to go to, so it only cost an extra 拢20. So communication great, prices great, service great.
I rarely leave reviews but as I read the negatives I thought it only fair to give credit where due.


3 years ago

Do NOT choose Flizzr. I have always been happy with every car rental I have ever chosen, but not Flizzr.

The car had a damaged front when I picked it up, which means that they do not repair their cars anyway, they just expect you to pay for the cost of repairing them.

They found a tiny scratch on the side of the door when I returned it and are charging way more for it, that necessary to repair it – and they probably won't even repair it.

Then they charge a day rate for when the car will be out of use. 3 days' worth, although they do not take their cars out of their car pool – I drove a damaged car myself.

Not only that, but they also charged a higher rate than what I paid for it, almost double the rate I paid!

And it does not take 3 days to repair it, and they do NOT take their cars out of use when it is damaged. I doubt they will even have it repaired.

Do not choose Flizzr. Every other company I have rented with has been better.

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