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4 days ago

I have begun trying to avoid Floor and Decor at all cost. There is one guy (Paul) that is super helpful but company policy and his coworkers just degate everything he can do.

I needed roughly 42sf of flooring for a bathroom and the style I wanted had 56 sf in the two boxes in Tukwila (and everything else was in CA) so I made the 40 mile detour so I would not need to wait months for it to arrive from California or heaven's have to pay extra shipping. Once I started laying the floor we noticed numerous tiles (25%+) with cracked edges. The "grout" line was cracked and you couldn't tell without feeling each one. We managed to cut around may of the broken areas and completing the project but my surplus material was all wasted so I can't do the adjacent closet. When I called about getting some sort of compensation for the damaged tiles or replacing them, (Mel) told me that I should have stopped the project, packed everything up and brought it back so they could replace it with something else. What planet is she on? Did I not mention bathroom? We have a two bedroom home with kids and I had a timeslot to get this project completed. Maybe they missed the part that I drove 40 miles out of my way to get what I wanted BECAUSE THEY DIDN"T HAVE IT!

Be forewarned, this place is a pain in the backside when it comes to returns, it is even worse for bringing in new materials or having something transferred and 50% of the people who answer the phone have to pass you to someone else with most basic questions because they are have no training or experience. They only take returns in full boxes but yet they will return samples, so I cannot get what I need for a closet without ordering an entire box and I am stuck with junk products that now go in my garbage. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.


1 month ago

I pre-ordered 23 boxes of cherry wood floor. I was contacted to go pick it up, at Elizabeth NJ floor and decor. The forklift driver Puts the pallet of cherry wood behind someone else's truck (he knew which truck was mine). There was no room behind my vehicle, because the customer, before me, did not take his order (something must've been wrong with it). He's driving a forklift all you have to do is move the last order and put my order behind my truck. When I asked him why would he put my pallet behind someone else's truck, he points the pallets behind my truck and said "that's Kevin stuff". "I said Kevin left he don't want that." He shrugged his shoulders, and was not going to move the pallet, until I ask him for a supervisor. He never got me a supervisor. I had to go ask the lady at the front desk to get me a supervisor. When I looked at the pallet of my cherry wood floor, it was all lopsided, and several of the boxes on the bottom were crushed and opened. This was my first experience with floor and decor, and it will be my last one. I told the supervisor $#*!nery Diaz it looks like the pallet was dropped. She said "it was shipped." I said "from another Floor and Decor?"she said "yes."
Floor and decor deals with floors, so I don't understand why they would be so bad at shipping floor, from store to store.


1 month ago

I ordered 6 boxes of tile that came to $345.41, the carrier delivered only 3 boxes of tile to me and most of those tiles were heavily damaged. All I'm getting from the Customer Care dept of Floor and Decor is that they are working on my damaged boxes and will get back to me but no one ever does, you have to call them and they continue to brush you off and say they are looking into it. It's not that hard to understand, I paid for 6 boxes and you gave me 3 broken boxes and you are trying to avoid refunding my money. This company is a nightmare to work with, I paid a $4k deposit to a tiling company and they are due to start work and I have no tile and no money to buy more tile, just stay away from these people.


1 month ago

FloorandDecor I may say it is a plain method of being good and rather adequate and to show ones better features , this may help to be at the wave of good qualities and then say yes to many new things in ones mind and life


1 month ago

My customers went to floor and decor they sold them $#*! product (Nucord) and made a big stink about putting the WRONG underlayment on the floor. They are uneducated on flooring, their staff (Michell) told several of the installs (note they have be laying floors for 30 yrs.) they did not know what they were doing and even used bad language with the custom. Then I went to one of the other stores and another employee told me they gave me all the wrong info and I should get all my money back. Lol I was dealing with Timothy and keep sending him the info he requested to be now sent to custom care and they said they would give me 500.00 Bull $#*! this product is failing do to there negligence of their staff miss leading everyone on what needed to be done bc my custom wanted it done the way the stuff told them. Due to the underlayment the floor is denting and now coming apart. FLOOR & DECOR Lie to their customs to beef up their bottom line. And give you the biggest run around when you try to work with them to fix.


3 months ago

I spent probably about $10,000 at Floor and Decor over two years of remodeling, so I have done a lot of flooring, countertops, and tile work.
The Tukwila store is awful. The staff does not know what is in their inventory. Twice, I have ordered online where it says the item was in stock, called the store to confirm before driving there, and it was not in stock.
One time I ordered a butcher block counter top. They said it was in stock. I called before driving to Tukwila to confirm it was available – they told me it was in stock. When I drove there, they told me the overnight staff threw it out because it was damaged… but the system wasn't updated and even though I called, they didn't know what they had done with their own product.
If that's not enough, when I was at Tukwila without my butcher block countertop, I had them update their system so instead of shipping it to Tukwila (since it was out of stock) to ship it to Everett. Two week goes by, and we don't have an update. I call the Everett store, and they check the order, and see it's pending in Tukwila, but had never been updated to send the butcher block to Everett.
A different order, I ordered flooring that had a huge quantity of boxes per the online website. I waited several days, called Floor and Decor – who confirmed it was in – and so I drove down. I got there, and they told me they had been looking for my order all week, and couldn't find the boxes of flooring. But their website said they had it in stock at that location. They never informed me that they didn't have it. They didn't proactively have it shipped from another store – they waited for me to come in and instruct them to ship it to their store.
Each time I go there, I have to drive through or around Seattle to get to Tukwila. It's about an hour without traffic each way. This store has wasted too much of my time.
My recommendation is to stay away from Floor and Decor. At least, the Tukwila store. I haven't had any issues with the Everett store, other than the website says they have product in stock, when the store doesn't have product in stock – and their staff actually knew the online quantity didn't match the actual store quantity.
Some of their products are exclusive, so they can't be purchased elsewhere.
When Floor and Decor has a product on clearance, it's because that product is terrible. The first hardware floor I purchased from the Tukwila store was an acacia, where they told me it was very, very durable and could withstand dogs. It couldn't. It even dented when I dropped a container of hair gel on the floor. Since installing it, my dogs have ripped off the flooring… in less than two years.
Floor and Decor pays their employees hourly and they are stereotypes when it comes to paying people less than they are worth. Their starting rate is less than Seattle's minimum wage. Shop somewhere local where they take care of their customers.


3 months ago

Ivan at commercial sales desk is amazing! Are company has been going there and sending costumers there since they opened. I will be totally honest and say this place would get 1 star if it wasn't for Ivan. Its so bad that I don't even send my home owners there If he is not there that day. I would like to add that we do water damage repair so most of our jobs consist of drywall and flooring. With that being said we are in the store almost weekly making purchases. Thanks again Ivan.


4 months ago

Jonas from the Elizabeth NJ location gave such great customer service. He was kind and he helped pack our vehicle with the products. His knowledge of the product was excellent.


5 months ago

I don't know who's worse, Floor & Decor or FedEx.

I bought a tile saw from F & D last Monday (8/17) and they shipped it via FedEx the next day. FedEx LOST the shipment. I called F & D a couple of days ago and they checked and verified that the shipment was lost. I spoke with a woman in the Everett "Command Center" and she said she would have another tile saw shipped out immediately via another carrier and would call me with the tracking information yesterday (8/27).

I never heard from F & D yesterday so I just called.


I spoke with the same woman in the Command Center and she said she could have a tile saw shipped out to me but would have to use FedEx? WTH? She didn't even bother to apologize FOR NOT DOING WHAT SHE SAID SHE WOULD DO.

She said she just got approval from her manager to ship another tile saw out but he would not allow her to use another shipper. She didn't have the common courtesy to follow up with me to let me know what was going on AS SHE SAID SHE WOULD DO.

I'm sorry, but I AM FURIOUS. I need the tile saw for work I'm doing on a cabin and now TWO WEEKS LATER I STILL DON'T HAVE THE TILE SAW I PAID FOR 2 WEEKS AGO!

I told her to refund my payment and now I'm looking for another vendor.


7 months ago

I would say the products and service in store is good but service online really nreds to put attention and isn't transparent. I placed an order online and the product was available in other store so costumer service switched the order to the store whee was available . Costumer service made the commitment of next day deliver because I was paying $ 200.00 in addition for deliver. The day pass by and the order wasn't deliver. So i call the store and they promised the next day will be loaded and deliver. 3th day after I call and the warehouse inform the trucking company has not arrived and 4th day the truck didn't have space, on the 5th day R&L carriers late in afternoon pick up the order, so the tracking turn to R&L. Costumer service R&L call the next morning and inform the deliver will be made two days after . So I purchase deliver suppose 1 day turn to 8 days, The warehouse personal is not courteous and hang up my call several times. Sp if you plan to purchase online take at least 10 days to start your project.


7 months ago

They kicked us out for not wearing a mask. They blamed Governor Whitmer but it is also there fault! They lost business from us which we had five bathrooms and needed tile for it all! So don鈥檛 go there unless you like wearing a mask and want to have health issues in the future!


8 months ago

I should have paid better attention to all of the bad reviews I read on line. Floor & Decor will not replace a floor if you are unhappy with the product, in our case, Luxury Vinyl Plank. We purchased the flooring at Floor & Decor in Everett, Washington. We have been dealing with them for the past couple of months trying to get them acknowledge that the floor is not performing adequately. We hired an installer with 20 years experience who was immediately unhappy with the product. We both agree that something is not right and that the floor is popping up and creaking and cracking when you walk on it. Floor & Decor hired a carpet cleaner to take pictures and review a floor he knew nothing about. Then of course, they came back and said too bad, it was an installation error. They refuse to say what is the problem but our evidence doesn't show an issue with installation. We believe it is the product and the underlayment that they required us to use. We are now out $1800 + install costs. I warn you, do not use Floor & Decor their warranty is not worth a thing. They will continue to deny regardless of the evidence. The quality and customer service is very poor, yes prices are good but that really shouldn't matter.


8 months ago

We are and have been trying to have an order shipped to us for 14 days now and haven鈥檛 even heard an ETA even after paying $140 shipping. Now every time we call what they title as 鈥渃ustomer service鈥?for at least a half a dozen times with at least a 45 minute hold each time they say there is not enough in stock but when you call the Buford store they have it????? Now, to be clear we have never shopped in store but if you order online and expect it shipped to you, you better order very early as our project has been at a stand still for 2 weeks due to this and not sure if or when we鈥檒l get our order. I am a shipping and receiving supervisor for a company that ships 30 truck loads a day and this says nothing to me except unorganized, untrained, and obviously a lack of care for customer satisfaction and they need to get it together, total joke!


8 months ago

Placed many orders online and in person, only 1 of 5 replied saying it was ready for pickup so don't count on it. Once you call and get some type of confirmation, you may wait as long as an hour to pick up. Online orders you don't get a receipt, also only partial pickups are not noted on the receipt.

Today I drove 2 hours one way to return leftover tile and the system is 'down' for another 2 hours. The associate mandates folks to be here in person when the system is online. I'm contemplating returning in the weekend when it's busier. I love taking a day off work for this. The store should be closed since no orders can be placed.


8 months ago

I want to give a shout out to the employees at Floor and Decor at 22nd Avenue and 34th st in St. Petersburg. I have been there a number of times, and each time some employee has gone over and above for me. Whether offering to load heavy materials or getting the fork lift to check out a different lot #, to check out and returns, each person there was cheerful, helpful and competent. Happy to do business with you including Desmond, Sharon, Keith and really everyone.


9 months ago

I just want to Praise one of your employees at the Cincinnati Ohio location. Her name is Ashley Harpon. She went beyond any customer service I've ever had anywhere. She was busy stocking and I just happened to see her and asked her for some help on some flooring and so she went and she did all my calculations for me. Then she loaded up the 11 boxes I needed and we went down this one aisle and I said no that's the one I truly want. She says well we'll just change it for that so she took and went and put up this stuff that was on the one cart she just loaded came back over and loaded the other stuff that was twice as heavy per box and put more boxes on to get the coverage I needed I also had my father with me but he can't stand and walk for too long stand and she made sure she found him a spot to sit and wait while she took care of me. This young lady truly needs to be recognized and I haven't had nothing but a great experience at this store. All my flooring needs I will be traveling that hour and a half to the Cincinnati location. And then besides that the manager turned around and helped us to are vehicle and loaded the truck for us and a they just all were very friendly and very helpful. I will continue to go to Floor & Decor.


11 months ago

Omar at this location was awesome he was super polite and helpful and very patient he's good customer service . Thank you so much Omar.


1 year ago

Extremely disappointed in the service I received at your Orlando location. We are working on a shower makeover and purchased almost 40 cases of tiles from your Orlando Location. Very happy until we opened some boxes and found multiple broken tiles. We ended up running short due to all the damaged tiles so I took a trip up from Celebration to purchase more cases.

When I arrived I was surprised to see just 15 or so cases left of what I needed and they all had been picked through. I asked the girl if they had more in the back and she abruptly said no and these are discontinued now but I could drive to Sanford to get some.

I had already worked a full work day and didnt have the energy to drive an hour to Sanford so I went over to the picked through and damaged boxes that were still on the pallet. Since I only needed 5 more cases maybe I would get lucky. After almost an hour I was able to put together 4 cases of ok tiles. I asked another girl again if she could check the inventory again for me and she stated " this is all we have"

I went up front and purchased the now discontinued tiles so my contractor could keep working and returned home. Once there I called the Sanford store and a very nice manager told me they had two pallets left but Orlando still shows over 50 cases on hand. I immediately called Orlando and asked for a manager and Joe went and found the tiles?? Asked why I was told earlier by two different people that you were out and he didn't know? I told him Id be there in the morning.

I go into work at 5 am to open my location so I could leave work to go back to Orlando again. Walked in and Joe the manager is standing up front and stated he found the tiles last night. I asked why they couldn't find them yesterday and he didn't know. He then takes me to the back and pulls the pallet down and leaves. The same girl from yesterday comes over and yells at me as I start to pull out a case to check for broken ones. She says you "Can't do that its our policy". Since this is the same girl that lied to me the day before I asked her to call Joe back.

Now it really starts to get interesting. Joe says he doesn't have the authority to let me check a couple cases to make sure they weren't damaged even though I explained to him I had now come back twice due to broken tiles in the boxes and his associate not wanting to search for the pallet that they had

I asked Joe is there someone there that has the authority to let us check out a couple boxes so I don't have to make a third wasted trip in 2 days. Next thing I hear is "What is the problem here" coming from behind. Apparently this was the overall manager.
I explained everything that I had gone through and just needed one more box of unbroken tiles to finish the project. I had already spent over $1300 here in tile alone. He says that wouldn't be fair to the next customer if I opened two cases to get one case of what I needed. I was flabbergasted and didn't know what to say.

After coming out of shock I told him that where I work, if we make a mistake, we apologize and then take care of the customer who was wronged. We actually then have our managers give the customer their cards and tell the upset customer to call them directly if they needed any further help.

This manager stated that he has been doing this for thirty years and knows how to take care of customers. I said he must be having a bad morning because so far,other than Joe, the service in this store sucks. I asked him if he was going to give me a hazzle when I returned the broken cases of tile that his store sold me as well. He
ignored me and walked away and never attempted to help me.

At checkout the young man could see I wasnt happy. He not only asked what he could do to help but pointed out that this tile was going to be discontinued soon. I smiled. The front end manager obviously knew what service meant ,as Miguel was great.

Im sure Im not the only customer who has had problems with service at this store and I no longer would feel comfortably reccommending this store to my contractors or friends.

Thank you for your time and I hope this staff gets some customer service training before you lose more customers.

Paul Barker


1 year ago

their managers in orlando are the worst! i use to work there and not only have they redone the entire team in the flagship store but they fired me because i had more than one job! the products are good but the managers in orlando especially brian and jordan SUCK! toodles the company though. have a great day everyone who reads this review and dont forget to visit the new flagship store a little further down colonial going towards semoran! oh and by the way…….they dont check their forklifts at the beginning of every shift either!!! so watch out when ones coming your way through the building…………..


2 years ago

every associate is so helpful. Amanda Brianna and Deforester were great, and great with suggestions. Kevin and Madison went above and beyond. I am so impressed with this staff. Great job guys. will recommend the Overland Park Ks store to everyone.


4 years ago

Try to do business with them. Was supposed to order tile between stores in Pennsylvania. Tile was never transferred. Had to call 10 times to get credit and then they never refunded my shipping. Tried to call store no one answers the phone. Stores are totally understaffed. Save yourself the headache and buy somewhere else.


5 years ago

It has been 10 days since I ordered two tile samples. It has been 10 days and according to FedEx has not even been shipped yet. Their customer service people must be from another planet, very poor. Imagine how long it would take to get an entire order?

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