Fountains Direct

2 years ago

Great range of bathroom products at a good price and good customer service.


4 years ago

We selected this company to install a water feature in our garden. As this was part of a larger refurbishment they were appointed as a subcontractor to our main contractor. Within 18 months of installation we experienced discolouration and asked them to inspect. They blamed our maintenance company for over dosing the water with chlorine. The maintenance company rightly pointed out that the discolouration had occurred in areas without any contact with chemicals and that they suspected the wrong grade of stainless steel had been fitted. Fountains Direct referred us to an independent expert who also advised that for external installations a minimum of 316 grade was needed and should not discolour. We were then advised that 304 grade had been fitted but we were out of our 12 month warranty period and should instead consult our main contractor.

Appalling customer service and no willingness to deal with any issues, resorting instead to blaming everyone but themselves. Not even willing to listen to the opinions of independent experts that they had suggested.

If you want any kind of fountain do not use this company, and as an aside if it is for external use make sure you use at least 316 grade stainless steel.

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