6 months ago

I would not use this property managing company. They create incorrect accounts in reconciliation (charging for a whole year when in fact they were only managing the building for 8 months), charge tenants for things they have not received e.g. Stating cleaning charges for a year when they didn鈥檛 start until May, maintenance that has not been carried out, charging for fitting fire alarms that have not been fitted in the year they are claiming for and have still not completed fitted the alarms in all the flats, charge for health & safety certificates that have not been displayed or given to residents, charge for roof report & maintenance that we have still not received a year after the work has been carried out. They also have the indecency to contact residents & say it鈥檚 our fault we can not obtain the new roofs buildings regulation certificate because it was our choice of roofers! Even when they explicitly informed us not to contact the roofers. Is this not what we are paying them for, to do all these tasks? We have still not received a receipt for the new roof which was completed June 2019! They are dis-organised & do not provide a fair & efficient service. Do not use this company.

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