Four Points By Sheraton Charleston

7 months ago

I had a literally terrifying experience here.

For some background, I spend about 250 nights each year in a hotel, and have been doing that for 20 years, which is why I am both a lifetime Titanium at Marriott and a lifetime Diamond at Hilton. I rarely write a review for a hotel, because frankly, unless there is something really wrong or really great, why bother?

I checked into this place on a Tuesday night at about 11pm. Lobby was empty, and there was very little signage about covid, simply some credit card machines spaced from the clerk, and a piece of plexiglass.

I was directed to park in the structure and returned with my luggage. I walked to the elevators and a woman without a mask jumped in front of me, and a let her go. I was wearing a mask, as I do in all public places. I got on the next elevator as a man came through the door, and got on with me. I got off and said "go ahead and take this one." He took offense, and walked to the front desk yelling "this guy does not belong in your hotel." He went on a rant that included threats to slap and hit me, many obscenities, and just a lot of verbal abuse and threats of violence. Finally he got tired of the act and left.

I asked the clerk, "what are you going to do about him?" She looked at me as if this was an inappropriate question, and told me that I shouldn't worry and that he was not serious. I asked if she would call the police, and she said yes, if I insisted, but that she had no idea who the other guy was or which room to find him in.

At this point I asked her to check me out and left to look for another hotel. I immediately called Marriott corporate, who were frankly less than worthless. They did suggest that maybe the other guy felt "discriminated against" since I did not want to ride with him. I explained that I had said nothing to him but "you can take this elevator" and I didn't see how this was discrimination, but they seemed determined to find some fault in me.

This is troubling on several levels. Hotels should be requiring masks, particularly in elevators. Hilton seems to be doing that, and also posting detailed signs and stickers on the floor for distancing. There was none of this at the Four Points.

The behavior of the clerk was inexcusable after witnessing this altercation and doing nothing.

And I also found Marriott corporate's suggestion that somehow I was to blame deeply offensive.

Finally, the lack of taking Covid-19 seriously is dangerous. I have known several people who have died of this disease, and it is not a joke. You might recall that Marriott banned smoking in their hotels for "health of our customers" years before smoking was actually illegal in hotels. Yet they refuse to require masks in an elevator to prevent transmission of a disease that can literally KILL YOU. This tells me that they are much more concerned with avoiding conflict than actually caring for the health of their customers.

In all of my thousands and thousands of nights (more than 3000 now – that's about 10 years of nights staying in hotels) I've only contacted corporate or posted a negative review a handful of times, probably less than 10. But this is frankly my worst experience EVER in a hotel. I cannot express how disappointed I was in the entire experience.


1 year ago

I had much higher expectations for a Sheraton hotel chain. The room was outdated and tired. The furnishings seemed aged and well worn. Although it was clean, I felt that it could certainly use a makeover. No complaints about the service. The location was convenient and that is the only reason I would consider staying there again.


1 year ago

Great location right on the river in Charleston.
Clean, spacious rooms along with comfortable beds. Great work space in the room that accommodates computer/office work.
Pretty cool lobby and reception area with a large restaurant and bar area to grab that after work drink.
Attached to the hotel is a large sports bar that will help you unwind and relax after work.
Parking on the property or in the parking garage for $12 a day.
Each staff member I've encountered at this hotel has been outgoing and friendly.


1 year ago

Omg. What a find. Service is everything and I loved to be treated like a human being without the phony corporate condescension. I didn't meet anyone who wasn't friendly and outgoing. I especially commend Mike who remembered my phone call and went out of his way to make my connections with Amtrak across the river. It's been my experience, even at the Greenbrier that questions about Amtrak are met by shrugs and blank stares. Mike even told us what to expect on our return trip. He even recommended the Cass railroad for a fall foliage trip.
Can't ignore the location and the ease of our coming and going. Nice clean and safe place And we will return.


1 year ago

Stayed here for work. It's located in a great spot downtown and is walking distance from some good restaurants (the block) and delicious ice cream (Ellen's)
Rooms are nice and air conditioning unit worked very well. The service was fantastic! Everyone who works the front desk is extremely helpful.
There is no lounge for elite SPG members, but they do give you a continental breakfast voucher and the breakfast is good.
The gym doesn't have a lot of equipment (3 treadmills, bike, elliptical, dumbbells) but it is all spread out nicely so there is enough room to do circuits. Also, the location right on the river is great for running!


1 year ago

Rooms are very nice but a lot to be desired with this hotel. If you book them through priceline they treat you like second class citizens. Priceline offered room for 2 adults and a child. They placed us in a king room. We asked for 2 queens and they said the best they could do was give us 2 doubles. The doubles aren't really big enough for 2 people at all. The AC is on some sort of strange motion detector so while you are moving around it cools nicely, but when we woke up in the morning it was up to 76 in the room. For a pricey place no free breakfast and a crazy high 12 dollar parking charge, that's the reason for three stars. Could be five star, but too many little things.


1 year ago

Met all expectations. 1. Appearance/Appeal: Overall, I really like this hotel. It is right on the river in Charleston. The lobby is nice and clean, with a small bar where you can get local craft beer or any other kind of beverage. They also have a small restaurant/breakfast area. The staff were very nice and welcoming. There's an attached parking garage that makes it easy to get in and out.
2. Beds: I had a double room and the beds were very comfortable. The linens were clean and crisp. The pillows were very comfortable. No complaints.
3. Coffee: My room had a small Mr. Coffee individual coffee maker. It was really nicely done with a nice touch with the burlap bag with the coffee inserts inside. See photo.
4. Location: You really cannot beat the location. If you like to run, it's perfect for crossing the street and running down along the river on the paved path. You can run for several miles on the relatively flat surface. See photos.
5. People: The staff were awesome. They were very nice and welcoming. The bartender was a lot of fun and I enjoyed chatting with her.
6. Restaurant/Bar: see above.
7. Water/Shower: The water pressure was fine. No issues with the shower, towels, or any of the amenities. I will say that the shampoo and body wash are in large dispensers attached to the wall, which was a little different. I am used to getting small individual bottles, but this is fine.
8. WiFi: The Internet connection worked perfect.


1 year ago

(Fri24-Sun26 May2019) – we stayed here for the kick off of the "Live @ Levee" weekend, it had a great location, very clean with great appearance, view of river from room window was terrific, housekeeping was spectacular (they all would get a 5-Star rating)… now with the breakfast host and staff, they for sure was not in hurry or upon customer service, if you are in hurry you may want to skip hotel breakfast and go somewhere else, due you stand for good while before host seats you (even if there is 5-6 tables open), then it takes a long time to get a menu and long time for host to come take your order, after all that count on at least 25-30 minutes for a simple food order to make to your table, then last count on 15-20 minutes to get your check once done even tho host passes your table several times, so all in all time you stand waiting to be seated till the time you get your check count on a 1hr 30min to 1hr 45min stay. (i have to give this section a (1-Star rating).

Also you have to pay $12 a day extra for daily parking at the hotel, plus there is a extra $50 incentive fee thats attached to your billing, which the parking and extra room charges are taking out of.

the over all Star rating for this hotel i will give a 3, if the Breakfast section was more upon customer service then i would give a 5-Star rating.


1 year ago

Great location along the river and walking distance to a lot of nice restaurants. The hotel feels newer, is clean and the staff is friendly.

I wish there was a communal microwave to use at your leisure so you don't have to ask the bartender to go back to the kitchen to warm you food/make popcorn.

For the hotel being so clean and new, I don't understand why the bed skirt was so dirty. It was really gross and made me question cleanliness.


1 year ago

Very nice hotel overlooking the Kanawha River. Great breakfast with hearty portions of your favorite morning foods. Recommend getting the "Breakfast Bundle". Only $10 and you get a lot of food. A great way to pick and choose what you want. My friend got the oatmeal. It looked great as well. A great place to stay during your time in Charleston.


1 year ago

Great hotel

Beautiful room and lobby and super friendly staff

Also very clean !

I will stay here ever time I come to Charleston


1 year ago

One of the nicer hotels in Charleston, great location with views of the river. Walking distance to restaurants and bars. Clean, newly renovated lobby w/ bar. Restaurant is also located off the lobby and the hotel is connected to a sports bar (Recovery). The staff was friendly and welcoming. The gym and pool area are clean and the pool had plenty of towels. Overall a nice spot to stay if you're in the area. We are Marriott rewards members so the nightly rate was unbeatable and it included breakfast for me and my wife. Kids breakfast was perfect and was $3 for my daughter and $4 for my son.


2 years ago

Many major pluses
A few big disappointing minuses

The pluses:
Location on the river with a magnificent view
Clean, spacious, modern space
Very comfortable beds
Very friendly and helpful staff
Shower was plenty hot and, unlike so many hotels,
had an ample and strong water output
Shower has soap/conditioner/shampoo dispensers
rather than those little plastic bottles that end up
in landfills
Really good coffee
Indoor access to great sports bar
Leisurely noon check out which is pretty rare
Did I mention the view?

The minuses:

$12 parking. That item wasn't mentioned until
well into check-in. But really…this isn't New York
No breakfast is included! In this day and age,
The above two things made what I thought was
going to be a good value not a good value
We tried conserving energy by using "auto fan"
but it would kick on and off continuously
keeping us awake until we just left it on
There was a surprising amount of street noise even
5 floors up, as if the window were open

In sum, for us, I think we'd come back despite the
cons if they at least included breakfast. That is
an easy fix


2 years ago

We walked into our first king suite with a wedding dress and gifts for the bridal party. Upon entering we found a suitcase and backpack. We called the front desk who said they would send someone up. Ten minutes later I called again and after a lengthy discussion they wanted us to move our things to the lobby and they would move them to a new room when they found one.

This option was not feasible. First, we had blocked many rooms on this floor including two for other bridesmaids. Second, we weren't willing to move a wedding dress and jewelry to any unsecured location or outside of our control. Third, this fiasco was causing us to be late for our rehearsal and we really needed to find closure as we were running on a tight schedule.

Cindy took charge and was telling us how we could move rooms. Her exact words were "EVERY BRIDE NEEDS SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW, SOMETHING BORROWED AND SOMETHING BLUE. WEVE JUST GIVEN HER SOMETHING TO BE BLIE ABOUT." I dont know how my husband and younger daughter refrained from physical violence. I'm glad the bride had already left!

I was sitting in the room when the other gentleman used his key to come in. He was very shocked. However, he had fortunately booked 2 rooms for his family and only needed 1 because his family did not come with him, so he went to the other room. The hotel had fully stocked the fridge for him and when they moved his food, they also took our items that weren't even refrigerated! Yes, our special wedding day breakfast was ruined!

Our other king suite was fine as was the double room but the prices were outrageous for the total lack of service they provide. They also didn't advertise the $12 nightly required parking fee.

Ultimately, I'd go elsewhere.


2 years ago

This hotel is better than most; nice location overlooking the river, close to food and drink choices, as well as providing their own in the lobby. They also have a workout room and plenty of conference/ meeting space for almost all business needs.

Rooms are suitable; desk, table, tv, and a pretty damn good bed! They will even give you a $5 coupon to use within the hotel if you leave a card on your door stating you don't need fresh towels/ bedding.

Another great thing is their beer specials; 16 oz can of beer for $2! Can't beat it.

Charleston isn't much of a town nor that big but this hotel is at the heart of it. Real close to most of the bars in town (walking distance to almost everything). Stay here, you'll be happy.


2 years ago

If you're trying to get any type of work done I wouldn't recommended this hotel. Their WiFi takes approx 10 minutes to navigate to any type of webpage.. God forbid if you're trying to load any type of video. The location is great and I actually really like the city but there have to be better places to stay here. Have stayed here twice and the woman who works at the bar has been so unfriendly and rude both times that I've just gotten a drink and left instead of staying for food. Not good at all


2 years ago

Booked for a one night stay over in Charleston. The location is great. Right on the river. The property is very new and clean. Check-in was a nightmare. The line was very long and slow with only two attendants working. It took almost 30 minutes to get through. There is minimal parking and if you can't get a space you'll have to pay $10 to use the garage next to the building. The room was nice, but the AC unit was old and loud. You couldn't hear the TV over the sound of it even turned all the way up. They have a restaurant that does room service but the selection is minimal and the food is terrible. Do not eat there! The hotel was loud at night with lots of foot traffic in the hallway and chatter during the evening.

This is an OK place for the price but it wouldn't be my first pick for a place in Charleston.


2 years ago

I couldn't have asked for a better hotel.

I was traveling through town by myself, and the check in process went really smooth and quick.

The room was nice and clean- I didn't have that icky feeling about it. I felt totally safe, which is partially why I picked this hotel.

It overlooks a river and a stage, which would be pretty cool to be able to pop down for a concert, or be able to watch it right from your room!

The one drawback- parking. It was problematic.
The parking lot only fits probably 15 cars in it. So if you're one of the lucky ones who snag a spot, great! Otherwise, yikes.
I had to park in a parking ramp with entrances in an inconvenient spot to the hotel and decently far. It's a metered parking ramp, but luckily I was able to not put money in due to it being a holiday. I was thought I was for sure going to have a ticket in the morning. But luckily, I didn't!


2 years ago

Parking is easy. The garage is connected to the hotel. Check in took a while, but it was late and there were only two people working the front desk. Nice bar in the lobby. Room was clean. Bed was comfortable. Even room service was fast, good and reasonable. And the view from the front of the hotel is quite pretty. This would be my go to option in Charleston.


2 years ago

The Charleston, WV hotel scene isn't exactly a race to the top, so it's nice to have a quality downtown hotel that's at a reasonable price. The few staff that I encountered during my overnight stay (just passing through) were helpful when needed. The room itself was perfect, including a shade that blocked out all the incoming sunlight (most hotels have the annoying curtains that never seem to keep all the sun out). I wasn't too excited about the $10 parking fee that I wasn't told about until after I checked in (and then having to go back to my car to put a pass in my window), but it certainly wasn't a dealbreaker. Booked it through Southwest Rapid Rewards and got 2,000 bonus points, which is always a plus. I don't go through Charleston much, but I'll definitely stay here next time I do.


2 years ago

This is the best hotel in Charleston! We have stayed many times at this hotel. We enjoy staying here durning Live on Levee as from the room we book we have center stage for all of the enjoyable music that Live on the Levee has to offer. The staff is warm and friendly and truly go above and beyond to make our stay pleasant and enjoyable, from accommodating our requests for extra towels to fast and friendly service. I love this SPG property. I look forward to staying here again this summer.

Beautiful river views and great customer service. No better place to enjoy Live on the Levee!


3 years ago

This place has thin walls and is slightly overpriced for what you get. The rooms are also on the small side. However, it was fairly clean and the room was comfortable enough. I'm not sure I would stay here again between the price and the hassle of getting in and out of the building. The view is really nice from the building although the lights are a bit much. I think we would have enjoyed our stay a little better if there weren't a million kids staying here for a conference running around all night.


3 years ago

First off, I was here in winter so take that into consideration. The parking sucks. If you can't get a space out front, then you have to park in a garage. It is connected to the hotel through the first floor, which is annoying when you're up top (hotel parking not on bottom). I had to pay for parking and the garage itself felt unsafe. Not well lit in all areas and to get to the elevator you have to go around a couple blind corners. The staff was pleasant and had free coffee/hot chocolate/hot tea set up every morning. The breakfast was delicious BUT was sit down. Would've preferred to-go since I was there on business. The room itself was very clean and spacious. Favorite part of the whole trip was the room and the view of the river. There was a note by the door posted by hotel saying to lock all locks when in room. While the hotel itself was nice, just didn't get a great vibe regarding safety.


3 years ago

I finished my trip at this Sheraton. I had a great stay. The room was spacious and clean, the front desk were so nice. I'm convinced that people in West Virginia are generally just very kind. I had good customer service everywhere I went on my 5 day stay in West Virginia. It was slightly pricey, and no free breakfast. The wifi was super slow. Those aren't really big issues for me, but it would've been nice. It was a positive experience overall.


3 years ago

Very nice, clean hotel. Staff friendly and helpful. Only negative is that there is no continental breakfast. Free coffee tough! Workout room is great!

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