Fourapper Distribution

2 months ago

Do not buy on this website! Do not make bank transfer!
Non comprare nulla su questo sito! Non effettuare bonifici bancari!

I have bought four Nintendo Switch and made the transfer of 1399.96 euros to the bank account mentioned in the order confirmation email.

Several days later, I asked about the delivery, they asked for more money (100 euros) for the delivery cost. Since on their website, no delivery cost is mentioned, I did not want to pay the delivery cost and asked for a refund. Then, they claimed they had not received the money. After waiting for a couple of days, they still claimed that they have not received the money. Then I asked my bank to start an investigation. When my bank has confirmed with the Italian bank (the bank of their given bank account) that the money has been credited to their account, and I gave them the proof. Suddenly, I lost contact with them. No reply via Whatsapp, my message sent to them is blocked on the Facebook messager. And no reply to my email. They just disappeared.

I have reported my case to the police and ECC (European Consumer Centres)! ECC has tried to reach them for months, and they also never answered the emails and phones from ECC. They also monitored and manipulated the reviews from Trustpilot.

In summary, please not buy anything on the website www dot fourapperdistribution dot, this seller is not for serious business, they do not even own their domain name, the domain name is rented from Godaddy.

Do not buy anything on this website! Do not make bank transfers!
All my statement is true and i have all the evidence to support my statement!


8 months ago

I bought the product I wanted at a very competitive price. The customer service has been truly exceptional, answering my questions quickly and thoroughly.


9 months ago

Very good service.


9 months ago

Positive experience with the seller, available for problems in the order, perfect product and also the packaging, payment by bank transfer, which just received from them have proceeded to send the package as soon as possible despite the situation due to the virus.


9 months ago

Prices very competitive. Good assistance and prompt to answer questions. Item delivered in the established time


9 months ago

I had a very bad experience with this company. They said I get my order 5-8 days from payment but it took two weeks (and shipping cost about 40 鈧?.

Then I got my order but they sent me the wrong color. After asking why they sent me the wrong product, they said, the other product was not aviable, so they sent me another one. Without asking if this is okay! After this situation I asked what we can do but I got no answer, so I asked for rabatt.

The reaction was unbelievable. They said to me that I don鈥榯 get a invoice from them and I should pay another 40 鈧?to get it. Or I can wait until 2050. So I told them I will tell the authority if they don鈥榯.

The company is not serious and impolite to the costumers!!!

PS: I never get a invoice. I still waiting for it and thinking about telling that the tax authority in Italy


1 year ago

Everything's alright


1 year ago

The package arrived in perfect conditions and they were really kind because they always sent messages when there were news on the order, it was an overall great experience!!

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