FOX 26 Houston

11 years ago

I've been over at Fox now for a few weeks now. It's a bit like a mini myspace where you can post blogs daily on anything you want to blog about and it has the daily news and the articles are pretty good too. You can post pics, videos and you can friend people and send messages back and forth.

It's much better than click2houston and like sitejabber, the web staff and tech guys listen to your suggestions and they reply as well. And, you can even communicate with some of the newscasters and reporters via the blog and send them messages and they answer when they can as well.

They've had a few bugs causing some technical headaches for them but they seemed to have worked them out. I really like this site. I sent them a suggestion to add a feature for notifying us by email when we get a message and they actually put it into the program.

Like sitejabber, they care about their bloggers and want to help in any way they can. 😉

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