1 year ago

Great service.

I used Fox Autorent at Vienna airport. The office is outside the terminal, but after calling the employee he picked me up in less than 10 minutes. Filling up the forms took just a couple of minutes and I was driving away in a new Suzuki Vitara. Despite the fuel policy being full to full, I got a half tank of gas and was asked to return in the same state. I would prefer if it was actually full to full as it's sometimes difficult to calculate how many liters you are missing.

Otherwise everything went smooth. I returned the car at the same spot. Employee checked for any damages and after signing the return form he drove me back to the airport.

Deposit of 900 EUR was unblocked within 3 business days.

I used this company mainly because they were the only ones accepting debit cards for deposit, but after this first experience I will definitely use them in the future regardless.


2 years ago

Some miscommunication, but the core product was good 😉

I needed an intermediate car or a wagon for a week in Hungary (for moving around the country with a lot of luggage). It was in the middle of my holiday, so the place of pick up and drop off had to be in Budapest, I searched some deals on, and one of the best was Opel Astra Sports Tourer by

I booked the car for 7 days, payed for it (about 150 EUR or ~20 EUR per day with unlimited mileage). I haven't payed for the additional coverage, but i bought an excess coverage from (for 33 GBP or ~ 5 GBP per day) , which has extremely good reviews on Trustpilot 🙂

When I came to the rental office (on 26.03.2018), I found nobody there. There was a phone number, but I haven't bought a local SIM card yet, and they didn't answer my short messages, so I had to call them from my foreign SIM card in roaming (that was a pity).
After that manager tried to sell me a highway vignette for twice the price I could buy it at the petrol station 😀
And finally a bit of a dissapointment was the fact that before booking I asked by email if a manager would be at the office on the date of drop off, because it was a national holiday, and they answered positively. But there was no one at the office unfortunately :DD

Besides the mentioned problems everything was ok.
I got quite a new Astra K Sports Tourer with 22000 km mileage, with 150HP 1.4 petrol engine and a manual transmition. It was more than enough for city use and highways with strict speed limits, and even a bit of fun on serpantine of the Bukk forest. On the pick off I compared scratches on the car with those mentioned in the chek-out form, asked a manager to add some unmentioned to the form and took a couple of photos. I used the car for a week, had a journey around Hungary without any accidents, been on serpentines and on some bumpy mountain roads, finally returned the car and left the keys in the box. After a couple of days I haven't received any claims from Foxautorent, called my bank and they unblocked my deposit (1100 EUR).

So overall experience is good, in spite of some problems with communication both with the support via email amd with a manager.

P.S. Sorry for my lame English

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