1 month ago

Stay away from these people!! Here is the scam; I received and email stating that if I invest an amount from $200 and up I will get 10 times the investment within 48 hours. I fell for it and contacted the phone number associated with the email, The name is Vanessa Mendez USA phone number 562-247-4653. Well we know that is not her name and the phone number is one of those free from those apps. The scammer sends you to a website here you create a user name and need to provide some identification, My mistake was to trust the site and provided my driver's license. After the account is open, you need to make a deposit payment to a bitcoin wallet that they provide and then they add that to your account. After 48 hours, they send you and email stating the you need to pay 13% (in my case)an additional $546 for the total earned. By this time your website access has been blocked. Its necessary to send them the payment and in two hours later you will have access to the website and your investment.

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