3 years ago

Bought from here before, the products do come, and are as described. But customer service and shipment is a joke. I live in BC, Canada. Hobbyking shipment from China comes within a week and always on time as described, but with FoxTech FPV it takes at least a month, even when paying for priority shipment.

My most recent purchase went like this:
I bought a plane on mid January 2018 paid priority shipping and it still has not shipped (February 26 today). In beginning of January I contacted FoxTech and they told me they don't have the plane and if I want it this month, I should pay an extra $180 USD so they can get it from their distributor. When I bought it, it showed "in stock" and promised arrival by end of January, even paid $154 USD for DHL expedited shipment. It also takes them days to respond to emails.

Previously I bought props and other small components from them, with similar experience. If you cannot find it elsewhere, or you don't care when your purchase arrives, they are not too bad. Otherwise go elsewhere.


4 years ago

Shipping off processing is early. I order, and I have received the goods on the 3rd.
You can pay the bill in paypal, so I'm relieved.

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