1 year ago

…when the going gets tough, the tough begin to play!
If you feel like you never have time because your life pursues you, taking a few hours to run after the fox is the right care to forget your daily "tram tram" and enjoy a fun and surreal experience. Between the game and the discovery the foxtrail is a small adventure that I would suggest to everyone, tourists and locals. In both cases it helps us to remember the playful dimension of life, which we forget too often!
I received the foxtrail as a gift from a dear friend of mine and in the invitation it was written: "Do you want to come and chase a fox with me?" Needless to say, it was love…!


1 year ago

Foxtrail is a very exciting urban adventure in the green heart of Rome, Villa Borghese!
We faced a lot of games, enigmas, codes, treks鈥?we met magnificent statues, theters, trees and surprises that gave to foxtrail a uniqueness in Italy!
Try the Villa Borghese foxtrail adventure and tell us what do you prefere about the different trials and hidden views of Rome!
To be proven, no hesitation at all!!!

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