6 years ago

Fox Umbrellas failed to disclose information about the terms and conditions of purchase for its products in terms of its delivery agent's policies. Fox Umbrellas' delivery agent has a policy that requires that an indemnity form is signed in order for the delivery agent to clear the parcel at customs, which had I been duly informed of said policy, I would not have purchased from Fox Umbrellas.

When I suggested that a different delivery agent was used to clear and deliver the package so that I was not unduly exposed to liability, I was told that this was not possible by Fox Umbrellas. When I telephoned the delivery agent in question, I was told that switching delivery agents was indeed possible. I then contacted UPS to take over from the Fox Umbrellas delivery agent because UPS will not make me sign an indemnity form for them to clear an umbrella at customs.

Despite not having to do so, I offered to pay for UPS to take over and asked that Fox Umbrellas cover the costs for their delivery agent, which Fox Umbrellas refused to do. In my opinion: 1) the issue was not caused by me; and 2) Fox Umbrellas have conducted business in bad faith by not disclosing key information.

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