7 years ago

Craig's list online dating scam credit card fraud

I posted a personal ad on Craig's list to meet a woman. An email came in from an octave pavelich with a picture of a beautiful woman to contact her directly at [email聽protected] She sent me another gorgeous picture and messaged me to verify myself on so that she would be safe. Her profile name is sweetgirl101 and she is a gorgeous brunette wearing a Santa Claus outfit
This was a $1 account charge which I accepted and gave my credit card #. This ended up charging my card to or which in turn after I read the fine print after a 2-3 day trial period my card would be charged almost $40 per month to use the following sites that I did not authorize, including the above site.

My credit card company ironically called me today, the day after, about 2 charges from 2 online websites on my card I did not authorize. I had them cancel my account and not be charged for these. I reported this immediately.

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