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I am really troubled with premium credit intl. it is so called new online banking system. I made an investment in a forex platform named www btc apex and after short period they changed the domain as www. btc apex At the end of the investment period on May 22, 2020 btcapextrading sent my funds to Premium Credit Intl. (so called online banking) for transferring of my funds to my local bank. Firstly, Premium Credit Intl. asked me to send them via bitcoin about 50000 USD as cost of transfer and payment for US tax authority. I have sent all the requested amount for transfer of my funds. They were going to provide me the necessary codes for COT (Cost of Transfer), Transfer ID and Tax Code for electronic transfer. While I was waiting for codes, they told me that they made mistake while getting tax code from US tax authority and the transfer declined. Then, they sent via email their apology for mistake and told me that they added the amount 50 K USD I have sent for cost of transfer and tax payment to my account balance. During this time I had many online chat conversation, whatsapp conversation and emails which can be easily sent as screenshot. After that my account balance increased and we started to second try of transfer of my funds. Since the account balance increased, they asked higher cost of transfer and taxes for US tax authority. At the second try I have sent around 40 K USD for this purpose and additional 45 K USD for insurance. Around 20 K USD for insurance paid to btcapextrading and 25 K USD for insurance paid to Premium Credit 陌ntl. Then, all the codes for electronic transfer sent to me and I initiated the transfer and I have seen that in my account statement my local bank IBAN is intentionally written wrongly to the system. Then the second try was also unsuccessful. After that they again sent an apology email and 40 K USD is also added to my account balance. In last try I have sent around 35 K USD as bitcoin and the transfer of funds initiated on 28 July 2020 and every information (IBAN and SWIFT code) was correct on my account statement. They told me that my funds left from their server, and it will be in my local bank account in 2-5 working days. Yesterday was 5 th working day but my funds still have not arrived to my local bank account. All the proofs are available on my hand. I can easily send all correspondences if requested. Hence, btc apex, btc apex and premium credit are cheat, scame and fraud. I recommend everybody not to trust them.
Note: since the system does not allow links in reviews, the blanks put intentionally in the domain names.
They are using similar to trustable company and domain names. For example; there is a trustable online banking platform as premium, their name is premium credit They have in relation with foxy option. com as well. First you deposit for trade then you seems earn money then to take this money, you will be cheated more and more Be careful…
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