2 months ago

The platform is easy to use.
I admire the interface but they hide behind a mask to not let go of peoples money.
I was down for a few days and opened up to my son.
After making some research, we found out you could get your investment back.
I wrote fightingscams at aol dt com and the problem was fixed.
I hope this helps.


7 months ago

this company has many names as per the research i made last few hours….


7 months ago

why so many names ????


7 months ago

this is ridiculous. release my payment and stop asking me to visit your office.


11 months ago

Do not do business with this company, this company is one of the libertex or fxclub's parent company that is not issuing any payments to affiliates. In this case, I am the victim of their scam.

I will update more with proofs.

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