5 years ago

I decided to treat myself to some Pure Poison. I love this perfume and its hardly ever on offer so I bought online. They claim they sell only genuine products. This is a lie. Within a day of placing my order, I was contacted by DHL to tell me that I owed 拢22 duty. I'd not thought about this so contacted Fragrance X to cancel my order, as I felt their pricing was misleading. They refused to do so. I said I wouldnt accept it. Unfortunately my partner paid the DHL man when I wasnt in. I decided to keep the perfume, after lots of toing and froing. But they said if I sent the receipt for the duty they'd see what they could do about it. Theyd previously told me most customers dont have any problems, and that I was unlucky having to pay duty. But this was not their fault. Now I've finally opened the bottle, I've realised that it is FAKE, despite their bold claims on the website. It fades within minutes. Sometimes before I've even got out of the door. Dont even think about buying from this company unless you want to fill someone's pockets and end of with nothing. Best part of 拢100 down the drain. Wish I'd read these reviews before making a purchase.
I've asked them for a full refund, but yet to receive an answer.
I am going to try and claim my money back through other means though.


6 years ago

Slow service but price was good.


10 years ago

Thousands of excellent scents to choose from and really great prices!!
Most of the presents to my friends came from them and they were very pleased with the perfumes.Shame on me…I never told them where I buy the perfumes from.
Customer service is great too.They never let you down.Never had a problem with them in the five years experience with them!!
I'll never buy from UK again.The goods arrive in a few days from the States
and the quality is excellent.They give real discounts not like Salonskincare who lies you and send you expired creams.
I wish there were more companies like FragenceX.

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