11 months ago

My story with them have been nothing but regret. Stay away from them as much as you can or else you will regret just like i am doing right now. Apart of the terrible experience, they have extremely rude customer service.
My experience is that i was to go for a trip and i ordered 2 perfumes costing over $300 which was supposed to be as a gift for the trip. Due to shipping delay, i could not get the perfumes before the trip. After i returned, i found the perfumes in my mail box and contacted them to return it and that was where my nightmare began. After sending over 3 emails requesting to return the perfumes, they finally contacted me days later to let me know that they will deduct the return shipping fee and credit the rest into my credit card. I emailed them asking how much the return shipping will be and they quoted me $43.32 to post the perfumes by Canada post back to Ontario from Alberta. That sounded to expensive and like a scam to me and i decided to post it myself.
I requested to post it myself and wanted the mailing address and Mary whom i was talking to told me they can not give out their return address and i only have to do a return through them. That sounded very fishy to me. After several email exchanges in which she was very rude, she finally told me she will need to get permission from her supervisor before giving me the address and she will get back to me the next day. The next day passed and i did not receive any address from them. After several reminder emails, i finally got the address from them 4 days later. i shipped the perfumes back to them and emailed them the tracking number. Today is 5 days since they signed to have received the perfumes and i have not heard from them. i have been emailing them asking when they will issue my full refund an no one is responding to my emails.


1 year ago

Everything it was delivered perfectly and pretty fast! Thank you for your kindness in follow up with me!


1 year ago

I'm very happy with my recent purchase from Fragrance 365. Prompt and on time. Hassle free shopping experience. Recommended.

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