Fundraising For A Cause

11 months ago

Our organization ordered bracelets and ribbons for our event prior to the COVID-19 outbreak but had to cancel since all events have had to be cancelled.
So upon paying $14 to return the items I was also charged their $12 shipping charge to me even though it says free shipping in my order details.
No matter how many of their customer support reps they tell you the same thing. I even had my last customer rep tell me that if she refunded the $26.10, which is 2 of our membership dues, that she would be out of a job and the company would close down.
With this kind of shady business, they need to shutdown! Ripping people off during a National crisis.
Definitely won't ever reorder from them and will be passing this information along to our campus Student Affairs and organizations as a never order from company.


2 years ago

Buyer beware !!!! As a cancer survivor in Canada I purchased this pin … to purchase 1 pin = $8 US….. I choked down the shipping of this tiny item $13.50 US total $21.50 US…… when UPS delivered this package they said that I owed and additional $19.83 Canadian as the VALUE FOR DUTY placed on the package by this organization was $39.52 US….. ,This is totally UNACCEPTABLE as the REAL value for duty is $8 US…..Warning to ALL international buyers…. you will pay much more than you think, because this company OVER VALUES the items !!!!!!! On the invoice (although they acknowledge an international address AND item value of $8) there is no mention of the duty you will pay and the amount they have evaluated the package for duty…. so think twice before placing your order….. hope this helps someone !!!!!!!!!!
The photo's of the invoice and customs notice won't upload, but I have them if anyone wants to view


3 years ago

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5 years ago

Our order was delivered with a C.O.D. of $190.00 for "international" shipping.Shipping charge was $47.00 ground shipping. Florida to Chatham On.Canada. It stated on website that international orders where subject to duties and taxes but 125 nylon scarves in a small box, this much money. Crazy prices. If we return them we lose the $ 47 plus we pay shipping back. Customers should be aware of this on websites. This is the second time we were overcharged for duty. Won't be doing this again

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