3 years ago

To all merchants: fraud alert—fraud alert—fraud alert
I worked at fund zoo for close to nine months as a frontier and I have never seen a business run so dysfunctional and dishonestly. the entire concept of the business is not to help the merchant but to take as many fees as possible at the highest commission rate by outright lying and fraudulently misrepresenting all facts to the merchant with total disregard to their business and its future.
since April 2016 Edward 鈥淓ddie鈥?Siegel, the CEO and managing partner of fundzio brought to the market a new product called the fresh start program which was supposed to consolidate the merchants cash advances into one loan while lowering their payment by 50% and moving them from a daily payment to a weekly or monthly payment. in theory, this sounds amazing to the merchant and for a fee from $595 to $2495 you can be a part of the fresh start program and platform. the only problem being is that the merchant already has one to five cash advances outstanding, has negative days and NSF's on their bank statements and their monthly debt/cash advance payments are sometimes equal to or over the 25% rule of thumb of their monthly gross revenues, thus no lender is going to approve them for a consolidation.
the fresh start platform is a hoax, a fraud solicited by Edward 鈥淓ddie鈥?Siegel for he would buy dead or stolen leads from other companies that gave him the merchants personal information including their previous bank statements and social security numbers. he would have the closers sell them a false dream in order to stick the merchant with an upfront fee that no other consolidation companies would dare to charge. this concept was flawed from the outset and Edward 鈥淓ddie鈥?Siegel had his closers and himself fraudulently misrepresent to the merchants that they have been pre-approved for the consolidation and within a few weeks their payment would be reduced by half and extended to a weekly or monthly payment along with a consolidation of all their cash advance debt.
though this fresh start program Edward 鈥淓ddie鈥?Siegel has preyed on the hopes and dreams of the small business owner. he has been dishonest, disingenuous with total disregard or empathy for the merchant only caring about how much he can charge in fees to line his pocket with. on behalf of the small business owner and justice I have no choice but to post this in hopes that the merchant will read this statement of fact and thus act as a deterrent to stay far away from fund zoo and its fraudulent business practices. in closing after reviewing the better business bureau鈥檚 eight values that make up its standards of accreditation it has been obvious to me that fund zoo with me. Edward 鈥淓ddie鈥?Siegel at its helm does not honor any of the standards of building trust, advertise honestly, tell the truth, transparency, honor promises, responsive, safeguard privacy and finally and most importantly embody integrity.

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