6 months ago

This is a total scam. My grandaughter finally received a doll and it was a male doll with anatomically correct parts. Not what I ordered. Disputed through PayPal and after spending even more money on return shipping lost the case with PayPal because seller does not admit they received the return item. Do your self a favor do not order from this company.


7 months ago

When I order from this website it took 4 months for my full body silicone baby girl to come .When I received my baby girl it did not look like the picture.She was smaller then she was on the picture. She was not silicone,and she did not have a drink and wet system. I asked for rooted hair and her hair was painted on, and she had closed is ,but on the picture her eyes were open .I AM WARNING YOU ! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE


7 months ago

It took several months to receive a doll which was the wrong doll. They sent me a boy doll with male parts for a 7 year old child. They gave me no information to return the doll and when I emailed them from the info from PayPal it was returned as not a valid address. With no other info I am out over $64 and a disappointed great granddaughter for her birthday. People like this is why a lot of people do not trust ordering on line.


8 months ago

A Complete And Horrible SCAM… Looking to place charges currently!!! I ordered my 11 year old a Beautiful doll as comfort in the pandemic. The money was taken out of my account almost immediately, by a company name that wasn't even the site I'd ordered from. I received no correspondence AT ALL as all the web site contact information is totally fake, the phone number doesn't work and the email bounces back as non existent. We never received ANY doll not even a bad one & there is no where to begin in getting our $80 back…My daughter hand picked the doll online and really cant understand why someone would be so dishonest. These scammers are heartless snacks AND MUST BE STOPPED!!!


10 months ago

I haven鈥檛 ordered from here yet bet it does look pretty legit! It is a new website so I鈥檓 waiting for a review before I order but they look real and there is a sale because it is a new website!

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