9 months ago

Very quick answers and they help me a lot.


1 year ago

Excelent support.


3 years ago

Choosing them instead of Aliexpress a great mistake… They run a promo, to increase sales and then they do not define when they deliver. What they do? they cancel your order without your consent and refund the money. Promo road in sum:
1. You bite the promo ad and spent your money to get the item
2. Promo keeps extending to avoid delivery time and get more suckers..
3. Delivery is undefined so practically you do not get the item (the delivery dates they advertise are beyond the realms of reality..)
4. Order is canceled by them without your consent…(YES it really happens!!!)
5. (OPTIONAL!!) You may get a refund but the money is not returned to you but deposited to them. As if you wished to do so!!!
6. You still do not have the item you think purchased
7. You lost the opportunity promo to get it from elsewhere.. money is gone to their deposit and best… you get no item!!!

Try to avoid them at all times no matter how attractive the price may be.!!! you never know if and when they ever deliver the goods!!!


3 years ago

good service

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